10 Countries With The Highest Crime Rate

The rate of crime varies from country to country depending on a variety of factors. In places and nations where employment opportunities are scarce and poverty is high, there is a high risk of criminality. Since developed countries have strong legal positions and job opportunities, crime rates appear to be declining. Here is a list of the 10 countries with the highest crime rates

10. Syria

 As a result of the ongoing conflict in Syria, the Syrian army and other opposition forces have gained considerable support across the country. Since the security situation in Syria is bad, extreme violence has persisted. Car bombings occur randomly resulting in mass deaths and horrific injuries. Airports in Damascus and Aleppo can quickly close with little or no notice. Frequently resulting in flight cancellations and grounding of aircraft checkpoints can impede or prevent passengers’ entrance into the airports. If you are currently in Syria or want to visit, you should exercise extreme caution at all times. 

9. El Salvador

The US State Department rated El Salvador as a critical danger zone. Due to violent crime and terrorism, the country continues to have one of the world’s highest homicide rates. Extortion is also a prominent and lucrative criminal enterprise in El Salvador, and it’s one of the most prevalent crimes committed in the country. El Salvador’s two most powerful gangs, MS 13 and Barrio 18 are responsible for the majority of the country’s social violence in the country. There are an estimated 24,970 gang members, 9,120 inmates, and around 59,990 young people in the country’s juvenile gangs. It’s still possible for the gangs to communicate with drug dealers. There have been territorial disputes among gangs of drug traffickers. Additionally, high unemployment rates and low earnings in El Salvador have forcefully relocated families to destitute districts where violence is rampant. 

8. Guyana

Guyana has the world’s eighth-highest crime rate. Guyana has an assassination rate that is approximately four times higher than that of us. Despite a strong license regulation preventing regular residents from purchasing firearms, criminals often use them. Handguns, scissors, machetes, and daggers are among the most frequently used weapons. Armed theft, particularly in companies and retail centers, is commonplace and often includes the stealing of goods. 

Guyana is faced with significant challenges in maintaining its territorial integrity. Domestic violence is a prevalent issue, especially spousal abuse affecting both men and women. 

Drug trafficking is a serious problem in Guyana, and it poses a significant danger to law enforcement. In addition, passengers are subjected to break-ins, thefts, and attacks when staying in hotels. Visitors in Guyana are advised to exercise extra caution owing to the high crime rate. 

7.  Brazil

Brazil which is one of the most beautiful countries, is also a potentially dangerous touring venue. Rioting, robbery, and kidnapping are all common occurrences in the country. A person can be abducted in exchange for a quick payoff. In a small amount of time, the Abductee would be forced to an ATM spot and be forced to make a withdrawal and then released. Brazil has the seventh highest crime rate in the world, owing to an extremely high percentage of violence in the country. The country’s targeted homicide rates place it among the 10 countries with the highest crime rates. Nonetheless, the number of murders decreased by 13% between 2017 and 2018. Going from over 59,000 murders to 51,000 murders every day in Brazil. Between 10 and 15 women were slain,

 6. Trinidad and Tobago

According to a United Nations report, Trinidad and Tobago has the sixth-highest crime rate in the world. The fight against violence in Trinidad and Tobago is complicated by several factors such as red tap cartels, drugs, economic collapse, and overwhelmed legal systems. There is also a significant market for illicit weapons, which serve as the fuel for the drug trade and the activities of criminal gangs. 

In the majority of crimes that occur in Trinidad and Tobago. Foreigners are the ones at most risk of being killed. Their homes are being invaded. They’re mostly the victims of robberies and are being defrauded in their hotel rooms. Several violent invasions of homes and villas in Tobago, Urban Mountain, Baku Bay, and Bale areas threaten the safety of residents and guests.

 5. Honduras

 Honduras is one of the world’s most miserable countries because of widespread corruption and assassination attempts throughout the land. There is growing concern over violent crimes in this second-largest country in Central America in terms of population, rape and homicide occur too frequently in Honduras. In addition to the high rates of petty crimes, pedestrians and commuters are at equal risk. Tourists are also targets of armed robbers. The peak year for violent crime in Honduras was 2012 when there were almost 20 murders per day, most of which were typically carried out by members of organizations such as Barrio 18 or Maura Salvatrucha. 

Honduras is currently a key cocaine route to the United States. Because of lax domestic law enforcement, it has become relatively simple to enter the country for illicit drug trafficking. 

4. Afghanistan

Everyone in Afghanistan is at great risk of major abduction, illness, or death. Afghanistan can’t afford to be outside the list of countries with the highest crime rates. Weapons of different grades easily find their way to the country from around the world. This is due to the prolonged civil unrest. 

Landmines pose a threat to millions of people living in rural regions outside of Kabul. Traveling by land is extremely dangerous. There is also the issue of forced marriage, which occurs frequently without the previous knowledge of the agreement of the parties involved. Insurgents employ improvised explosive devices or IEDs and rocket fire to combat body and vehicle-borne weapon systems. Aside from that, armed assaults and ambushes are commonplace. The majority of these crimes are driven by widespread unemployment and the Taliban factor.

3. South Africa

South Africa has the third highest crime rate in our list of countries with high crime rates. According to the United Nations report. In South Africa, the rates of robberies, rapes, murders, and other violent crimes are disproportionately high. The reasons for this include widespread poverty, hardship, unemployment, social isolation, and the uniformity of crime to name a few. 

South Africa was once the highest rape rate in the world earning the title of the world rape capital. According to the South African Medical Research Council, more than one in every four men who are interviewed admitted to committing rape. For visitors visiting major tourist areas, there is often a minimal risk of being victims of violent crime. The protection of visitors and the tourism police are given top priority by the South African government in several towns and cities. 

2. Papua New Guinea

In Papua New Guinea the country’s crime rate is extremely high. Criminal data are difficult to come by despite this, criminals in Papua New Guinea target mostly visitors from Western countries because they’re perceived as rich. Security operatives often aid and abet these illicit acts. It is equally vital to consider the impact of crime on businesses, and commercial operations. The country has an 80.04 crime index. The corruption that afflicts the country is still prevalent in major cities, and it is primarily responsible for the high frequency of crime. 

Furthermore, the geographic location of Papua New Guinea makes it a desirable location for the Opium Trade and human trafficking. 


Venezuela is one of the countries with the highest number of violent crimes in the world. The Capitol, Caracas, as well as the interior, are plagued by violent crime, and you are a target if you are a foreigner. As a result of Venezuela’s changing political atmosphere, the country is experiencing an increase in violent and minor crimes. 

Venezuela has the highest crime index of any country in the world making it the most dangerous country in the world. A level four travel warning for Venezuela has been issued by the United States Department of State, indicating that travel into the country is perilous due to extreme corruption among Venezuelan authorities. The country’s court has failed and the country’s weaponry is poorly regulated. The recent economic downturn has increased the number of homicides, armed attacks, and kidnappings. 

This was our list of 10 countries with the highest crime rates. You have the right to decide whether or not to go, and you are solely responsible for your safety while overseas. If you know other countries with higher crime rates, please don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section below.

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