About Us

KnowledgePurpose is basically a tech blog. Here we write about various hi-tech gadgets, in-depth specifications & functionalities of mobiles, computers. We also post how-to guidelines, software tutorials and other important topics around the digital world.


Our Story:

We have started blogging in May, 2017. The idea behind creating this blog came to our mind when we were studying in first year of our bachelor degree. We always had the tendency to do something unique in our free times. As we had the basic knowledge about coding, website designing and internet, the very first idea that flashed in our mind was blogging. Before creating this blog we were quite familiar about the benefits of a blog for the authors as well as the readers. Normally we used to share our ideas and help our friends via social networking platforms. We used to discuss about various how-to related topics and the brand new gadgets. That too was a nice feeling but we didn’t get that “professional” taste of providing guide lines to others. Thereafter we thought why not to create a blog ourselves about our own interest, in the same week we created the blog, KnowledgePurpose.

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