Android : 7 Best Way To Manage Your RAM

RAM Management of Android Phone

Your Smartphone is an incredible device with multiple utilities. You can use it play your favorite music, converse with your friends, share images and data files, navigate to an unknown place, search for the nearest restaurant, play games and, well, the list goes on. The latest of Smartphone’s come with much more capabilities such as sensors, and scanning tools, which are all quite exciting. All of those facilities handled by the OS, i.e. Opearting System. Now a days most of the smart phones run on Android OS, which have a wonderful user interface and easy to use(The best part).


The Android OS designed has a ton of capabilities. Among many of its abilities is in-built memory management mechanism that works efficiently to maintain optimal usage of mobile phones. It is always a user friendly OS. It keeps track of all the applications running simultaneously and automatically closes the applications whenever the system faces memory shortage.

Android is evolving with every new update and there’s no doubt that it has become a very mature and feature-rich operating system. Always been known to be a not-so resource friendly OS and with every new iteration, the OS requires more RAM to run smoothly in simple more you get the RAM performance will be more smooth. You have to clear your RAM every time so that your phone never lag all the lag an hang happen when the RAM is full so it’s very important to clean and manage your phone RAM in better way.

Here we discuss about some steps flowing those step you can also make your ram clear and free and upgrade your phone performance.

Block or disable or uninstall unwanted & bloatware application

Android  smartphone device comes with the bunch of Bloatware, Bloatware are basically useless apps that consume much RAM. Some bloatware is easily removable, we can uninstall them. But some of them not allow us to Uninstall, In this case, last option remains Disable Apps.


Disable animation & transition

Every android OS comes with Animations & Transitions, Because animation makes device modern better and sleek. But it also puts the burden on Device RAM and processor. But no need to worry you can easily disable Animations & Transitions.

Don’t close running applications

Don’t close all the application from your recent app because if you close the all apps and again after some time if you open one those app it takes more time and resource to be loaded on the RAM.  It’s better to keep it on recent app so that it doesn’t take time to reload it.

Except those some others point that you have to take care of  that is

Limit the use of widgets

Avoid live wallpaper

Check your memory usage and kill the app

Clear the cache data


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