Aptoide App Store | Why Using Aptoide vs Google Play?

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Aptoide is an alternative app store for Android operating system launched in 2009. We know that the official marketplace for Android applications is Google Play Store, similarly, Aptoide is also a marketplace for Android apps and games but it is not the official one. You may wonder why use Aptoide when you already have Google Play Store on your phone, right? Well, Aptoide may be similar to Play Store but it has totally different policies regarding the features they provide for both the developers and user.

What are the uses of Aptoide?

As I mentioned Aptoide is an app store, obviously it consists of a huge collection of apps and games. There are many developers who want to share their awesome creation with the users from all over the world but we all know how much Google is concerned about the richness of Play Store. They want the serious developers.



They don’t allow the apps that violate copyright terms, they don’t want their users to be a victim of spams in any circumstances. If you have ever tried to open an account on Google Developers Console you may have noticed that they ask to you to pay $25 as registration fee.  So it is clear that they want the developers who are pretty serious about their project.

Now, there are many developers who just started in this field may hesitate to pay any registration fees. Thus such developers choose free third-party platforms like Aptoide.  It also happens that a particular topic or feature say Download Manager is popular among the users but Google Play does not allow those for certain policy violation. In such cases, third-party app stores like Aptoide are proved useful.


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Why using Aptoide vs Google Play?

Well, the previous section of this post might have cleared this question a little. Now we will discuss it in detail.

It is quite obvious that if you install an app on your phone it must have some utilities. Nobody wants to dump their memory space installing useless apps, Right? Similarly, this app has its own features and uses that are different from the Google Play Store.

The main difference is, a developer can create his/her own app store where the applications or games he/she uploads will be clubbed together. Let’s say someone creates an app store named “Future Games”. Now all of the apps he/she uploads will be under the same store namely Future Games.

aptoide app store

Another difference is regarding apps available on Aptoide. Aptoide allows many apps which may be harmful to a mobile device and lead to several damages and data loss etc. But these apps can be really useful for some people thus they might be ready to take the risk to utilize the app. For instance, there is an app called Lucky Patcher which is used by many Android users who are expert in this field. At the same time, it is not advised to be used if you don’t have a clear idea about it.

Now I will discuss the reason why most of the Aptoide users find it useful. There are many famous apps that are used to download or save contents from the websites which don’t allow it officially. Obviously, they won’t as it is a clear violation of their copyright policies. This kind of apps may not available in Play Store but used my massive amount of peoples. Do you know where they download such apps? Yes, you are right, the app stores like Aptoide.


Is Aptoide safe to use on Android?

Now the main question, is Aptoide safe to download apps or games from here? Aptoide is quite safe but not as Play Store. Here you have to be a little bit careful when you download any content.

is aptoide safe

Aptoide provides you a solution regarding the security of an app. Whenever you download an app make sure there is a green shield icon written “Trusted” below it. It indicates that the app is scanned for security threats and doesn’t contain any threats.

If the Trusted(green shield) icon is not there don’t download that particular app, it may be harmful to your device.


Want to Download Aptoide App Store?

aptoide apk

Most of you may know from where to download Aptoide. Still, I am providing the link here to Download the Aptoide APK installer.

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Final Words

This post is for those who want to know about Aptoide and need an app store other than Google Play. No doubt that Google Play Store is the largest marketplace for Android apps and games but it lacks some apps that may be proved useful in some situations. If you have enough knowledge about android apps, app permissions, threats you can use it to get the taste of Android at its best.

On the other hand, if you are just a beginner on the Android platform I will not suggest you to use this kind of third-party sources of apps. Apart from that, if you are an Android developer and don’t want to pay $25 for registration on the Google Developers Console, Aptoide is the best market to publish your creation.

Though Aptoide stores many apps that may be harmful, it is far better than the third-party websites many people use to download Android applications.

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