Best Antivirus For Windows 10? Is Windows Defender Good Enough?

Choose the best antivirus for you.

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Microsoft has upgraded more or less all the functionalities with the latest Windows 10. It has improved its security features too. Now Windows users can install Windows Defender as a free antivirus. There are a number of Antivirus companies which provide free virus protection. But most of these software steals user’s information, shows its own ads, periodically asks user to purchase its premium packages. In short users get annoyed a lot and performance of the system slows down. In this aspect Windows Defender is the best option as it comes free, never steals user data from browsers and doesn’t show any ads. So it’s reliable enough. But is it that much effective to protect your computer from most dangerous threats? Well Windows Defender, in spite of having a good threat detection rate , don’t get an excellent score in the AV-Test compared to the other premium antiviruses. It scores only 3.5 out of 6.
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The pros and cons of Windows Defender:

  • Free for life time
  • Prevents malware as well as spyware
  • Use low amount
    of resources
  • Never shows ads (Others does)
  • Simple & reliable
  • Runs smoothly


  • Low detection rate
  • Scan speed is less
  • Its not for you if you want absolute protection


Apart from Windows Defender there are number of free
antivirus software among which Avira Fee Antivirus is the best option
considering the detection rate and performance.
We have discussed about the free antivirus options for Windows
10. Now the question may arise, which is the best paid antivirus? Let’s see.
  • Kaspersky:

Kaspersky Antivirus/Internet Security is perfect if you want
absolute protection from viruses, malwares, spywares and other security threats.
Its detection rate is high enough (100% according to AV-Test and AV-Comparatives
Real World Tests).

  • Bitdefender:

Bitdefender also maintain a good detection rate
without hampering the system’s performance. It got 100% in the AVComparatives and  AV-Test’s Real-World Protection Test.


Along with the antivirus software installing an anti-exploit
program makes the security even tighter. You can chose among various anti-malware
software. If want suggestion, Malwarebytes is considered to be the best. You can
install it to get a total protection from unwanted potential threats.


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