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adblock android

As the android development is growing rapidly, many developers are choosing it as a platform to earn money. The method of advertising against money is very popular and when it comes to Android, it is a great advantage for the developers. Though it is a good idea for the developers to earn a decent amount worth their hard work, sometimes it is really irritating for the application users. Some advertiser companies provide a perfect ad format which never interrupts the normal activities of the phone but there are some advertisers whose ads are really irritating, irrelevant to the app type even gives a bad impact on phone’s performance. That is why we need to block such type of ads to make our smartphones faster get a smooth experience of each and every application. Here comes the need of ad blocker app on Android devices.

How to block ads using ad blocker


There are a number of ad blocker for Android phones but most of them do not work in a non-rooted phone. Here we will discuss the apps which can block ads even on non-rooted phones.

There are two ad blocker apps available for Android which works perfectly and works both on rooted as well as non-rooted devices. The first one is Adblock Plus(ABP) and another is AdAway. Both of the apps work well and you can choose anyone.  As AdAway is removed from Google Play, here I will provide the tutorial for Adblock Plus, just go through it and you can get rid of the annoying ads.  It can block all ads in your device, including the ads shown in various apps and games.

Block Ads by following these easy steps

adblock android

  • Download Adblock Plus(ABP) from here
  • Go to your file manager, find the APK file that you downloaded and Install it
  • Setup the proxy configuration. It varies according to your OS version so better you read the instructions here.
  • Now you are all done, the app will block ads and you will get a smooth experience on every app.

There are several customizations that can be set up by the user according to need.


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Block ads on browser

It is very annoying when we are surfing through an important web page and a bunch of ads is being displayed or popping up one after another. Thus you may need this special Adblock Browser for Android to disable ads from the web pages. You can use this app as a web browser, the only difference is all the ads from the web page will be disabled.


adblock browser for android


As you can the see the above screenshot, the Adblock Browser is same in term of look and feel. The ad block feature is included as an option, you can enable or disable it as per your need.  The rest app is similar to other web browsers. So you don’t need to compromise on other features to while using the ad blocker.


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Other adblock apps on Android

In my opinion, Adblock Plus is the best app for ad blocking still you can try the below apps from Google Play store to disable ads.

Adblock Fast

It has 4.1 rating and 1,000,000+ downloads on Play Store. It can be a good alternative for Adblock Plus. This app works on rooted as well as non-rooted smartphones.

Brave Browser: Fast AdBlocker

Brave Browser is web browser app with the inbuilt ad blocker. It has 4.3 rating and 5,000,000+ downloads. It is an alternative to Adblock Browser.

Adguard Content Blocker

With a decent rating of 4.1 and 1,000,000+ downloads, it can be a good choice but it works only with Yandex and Samsung Internet Browser.

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