Crime Classified as a  Misdemeanor in the United States

In the United States, crimes are sorted into different categories, each carrying distinct legal implications and penalties. A significant distinction lies between felonies and misdemeanors, with misdemeanors denoting less serious offenses and resulting in comparatively lighter consequences. This article explores the nuances of misdemeanor offenses, exploring their definition, classifications, and the consequences they entail. Misdemeanors … Read more

When To  Use Deadly Force In Self-Defense 

Using force in self-defense is a complex and sensitive matter that hinges on the fundamental right to protect oneself from harm. While the concept of self-defense is universally recognized, the specific circumstances under which force is deemed justifiable vary across legal systems. Understanding when to use force in self-defense involves a nuanced exploration of imminent … Read more

 How to Spot a Romance Scammer

Romance scams are sometimes called sweetheart scammers. They’re everywhere, and some of them are very convincing. You’ll find them on dating groups on social media and dating websites. You can be contacted by them on social media. They carry out the act in different ways and sometimes they pretend to be a celebrity musician. So … Read more

Alcatraz Breakout: the Ultimate Prison Escape Story

Alcatraz, a prison built on an island surrounded by water where all the most dangerous criminals are sent to, is the most fortified and impregnable prison in the world. The prison witnessed many escape attempts, but they all failed except one that was dubbed the greatest prison break of all time 61 years ago. The … Read more

Punishment in North Korea 

While North Korea remains one of the most isolated and secretive nations in the world, numerous reports from defectors and human rights organizations shed light on a system of severe, often brutal punishments carried out over there. These reported practices aim to stifle dissent and instill a culture of fear, helping to maintain an iron … Read more

The Top  10 Safest Countries To Visit In  Africa

Choosing a country to visit within Africa can be quite confusing, especially considering every place has something unique to offer. However, the thought of visiting Africa rarely comes to fruition, and in most cases, it is because one can get easily intimidated by an alien land. The issue is further exacerbated when a handful of … Read more

10 Countries With The Highest Crime Rate

The rate of crime varies from country to country depending on a variety of factors. In places and nations where employment opportunities are scarce and poverty is high, there is a high risk of criminality. Since developed countries have strong legal positions and job opportunities, crime rates appear to be declining. Here is a list … Read more