Punishment in North Korea 

While North Korea remains one of the most isolated and secretive nations in the world, numerous reports from defectors and human rights organizations shed light on a system of severe, often brutal punishments carried out over there. These reported practices aim to stifle dissent and instill a culture of fear, helping to maintain an iron … Read more

The Top  10 Safest Countries To Visit In  Africa

Choosing a country to visit within Africa can be quite confusing, especially considering every place has something unique to offer. However, the thought of visiting Africa rarely comes to fruition, and in most cases, it is because one can get easily intimidated by an alien land. The issue is further exacerbated when a handful of … Read more

10 Countries With The Highest Crime Rate

The rate of crime varies from country to country depending on a variety of factors. In places and nations where employment opportunities are scarce and poverty is high, there is a high risk of criminality. Since developed countries have strong legal positions and job opportunities, crime rates appear to be declining. Here is a list … Read more