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Tower of Hanoi – C Program

Tower of Hanoi C Program It is basically a mathematical puzzle game. Suppose there are 3 sticks A,B & C and suppose on stick A, there are finite number (n) of disks with decreasing...

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Addition Of Two Complex Numbers

Complex Number: A complex number is a number that can be expressed in the form a + bi, where a and b are real numbers, and i is a solution of the equation x2 = −1. Because no real number satisfies this...

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Addition of Polynomial Equations Using Linked List


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All 4 Digit Tech Numbers Using C Language


Create & Display a Single Linked List

Linked List Linked list is a data structure for storing and collecting data. In the link list, each node contains two part that is data and address of next node. C Program To Create & Display Single...

Write a C Program To Reverse a Single Linked List

C program to reverse a Linked List.


linear queue

Linear Queue Implementation

This a simple program of Linear Queue implementation. Here queue[] is an array, “size” is the length of the array. “item” is an integer type variable which is used to take the inputs/data elements...

hello world in c language

Hello World In C For Beginners

This program can be compiled using Turbo C compiler, this compiler need two header files that is stdio.h and conio.h but if you want to compile the same program in GCC compiler in Linux...