Easiest Way to Make a Bootable Pendrive


Why to Install a New Operating System

Operating system being the life blood of our computer, plays a great role in overall performance of the machine. We often hear, this operating system is better, that one is faster, another one looks good etc. Even sometimes we want to change or upgrade our operating system because we get bored by using an old version.

Is it Risk Free?

It sounds really interesting to upgrade our O/S, isn’t it? But is it that much easy? Is it risk free? Is there any chance of data loss? Well, it is easy enough if you follow the right procedure. It is totally risk free and you will never loss a single bit of data if you keep in mind some important points.

How to Make a Bootable Pendrive

Previously the operating systems used to be loaded from a CD/DVD. But now the scenerio hase changed we rarely use CD/DVDs. Most of the time operating system is loaded from a bootable USB drive. A boot disk is a removable digital data storage medium from which a computer can load and run (boot) an operating system or utility program. So how to make a USB drive bootable? There are several ways to do it but I going to discuss the easiest one.


  • First of download this Rufus tool from here
  • Now open the executable file, rufus-2.18.exe
  • Insert the USB drive into the USB port of your machine
  • Run the software (Rufus) and select Partition scheme and target system type “MBR partition scheme for BIOS or UEFI computers “.
  • Set file system to “NTFS”
  • Now select “2 Passes” for a device for bad blocks
  • Select “Cluster size” “4096 bytes (Default)”
  • Tick on “quick format” option, after ticking quick format.
  • Then tick on “Create a bootable disk using”.
  • Now select “ISO image” and choose your image file from your system.
  • Tick on “Create an extended label and icon files”.
  • Now click on “Start”, after few minutes your USB drive will be ready to install the OS you loaded

When this process is completed and you want to install that OS, just restart your PC, go the BIOS menu and select boot priority to USB drive.

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