New Feature Of Facebook | Prevent Unwanted Conversations


Problem with Facebook

One biggest disadvantage of social network is that we often get disturbed by many unwanted conversations. This mostly occurs with the female users. There are a lots of fake accounts on Facebook and they regularly make disturbance to women. They regularly sends friend request to unknown peoples, message them without any reason, and irritate them by tagging on bogus posts. Though Facebook is increasing its security features each and every day still this people anyhow maintain their online existence and constantly do their silly time pas by disturbing others.

The New Feature

Now Facebook the social network giant came with a new feature which will definitely reduce this kind of harassment. Facebook collaboratively worked with The Center for Social Research, New Delhi and US-based social change organization, The National Network to End Domestic Violence then created this new feature to handle the online harassment. Facebook, by using this new feature will detect the fake accounts and block them in regular basis.


Facebook said, “A apart from it, the latest tool also lets a user tap on an unwanted message and ignore the conversation. The social network will automatically disable notifications about that message and move it to your filtered messages folder. From there, you can read the message without the sender knowing that you have read it,”

This feature will work only on “one to one” conversations as of now but in future it will be extended to work on group messages too. This feature may not clear all the fake accounts at once but it will surely detect most of them. So it is an appreciable move to extend the security features of Facebook. Facebook is getting upgraded regularly in terms of both the security features and the user interface to provide a reliable experience to the users.

Author: Supriyo Mahato

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