5 Amazing Smartphone Features

Smartphone Features

Smartphones Now a Days

Now a days everyone have their personal smartphone. Smartphones makes easier our day to day life style. We use smartphone for every single task so it’s always better to know more about our phones. Here we will know about 6 Smartphone Features and apps that makes our life more convenient and easy.

Smartphone Features

1.Keep Yourself Safe

Self security is very important no matter that you are boy or girl, everyone need security. bSafe app is there for your security. Which keeps always connected with your loved ones. Whenever you are in danger it send SOS message to your emergency contact. Except these it also record audio video and send GPS location. These things always alert you’re loved once known that where you are and what exactly happens to you.

2.Measure Distance

It’s not always we carry our measurement tool but some time we really miss those tools. We always carry out smart phone no matter where we are so it’s very convenient if the measurement is done by our smart phone. It’s possible with the using of an application called Size app which measure anything you need quickly and easily. It can measure vertically and horizontally any object. This app will help you to dill with any challenge that blinks on your eye. You can measure by following the steps.

Step 1:  Download the app from the Google Play or App Store.

Step 2: Open the application.

Step 3: Place the phone at the starting point.

Step 4: Click on the Start button.

Step 5: Move the phone quickly street and parallel to the object subject at the end point.

Step 6: Click on the pause button.

3.Drive Safely

Now day’s people spend lots of time in driving. Accident rate are also increase day by day, many of the accident occur in rainy or foggy weather. There is app called Hudway that provide vision when there is fog. It’s very simple to use just put your phone on the dash board and adjust the brightness setting to see the projection on the screen. It shows the driving speed and the GPS enable map on your screen. Its help you to drive more safely.

4.Send Text From Your PC

We can do lots of thing in our smart phone and the battery is very small. After a tropical day heavy usage at night the phone battery down and at that time also we have some work to finish so it’s very convenient if we do that thing in our PC. The application called Mightytext its gives you opportunity to manages your SMS and MMS. All the messages link with your phone no appear on your computer screen. Its also allow to store your photos to your computer. There s also 17 frame on app front you chose from.  To connect the app with your pc is very simple you just follow some simple steps those are as follows

Step 1:  Download the app from the Google Play or App Store.

Step 2: Open the application.

Step 3: Allow all the permission.

Step 4: Login with your email id.

Step 5: Open the browser on the PC and open the link mightytext.net.

Step 6: Click on the get the get the app.

Step 7: Allow the permission and also login into the browser with the same emailed.

5.Test Remote Batteries

Surprisingly that’s the feature that you can check by with your phone. Camera application is use to check that thing.

Step 1: Open the camera app

Step 2: Take your remote in front of the camera

Step 3: Click any button

If any light is blinking there then the remote batteries are in good condition.

Author: Sounak Roy

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