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Android being easy to use, affordable and we’ll a performer, is the most widely used mobile operators system now a days. Android provides the ease to access internet, perform various online tasks, a huge number of apps in the Play Store and the list goes on. From Play Store you can download apps, games, books and movies. Most of them are free of cost but there are also several paid contents available which are worth buying. But some time the situation arises that we want the content but don’t want invest as the prices are pretty high. It happens mostly for the youths. So here I came with a solution by which you can buy the paid contents for play store without any investment from your pocket. And the best part is it’s a fully legal method. There is no complications at all, just need to follow few easy steps and keep patience. Ya YOU HAVE TO KEEP PATIENCE.

The method is pretty simple, the overall concept is you will be rewarded by Google for some easy tasks(surveys)  then you can invest the earned amount to buy the desired content from Play Store. Many of you may know about it and many of you don’t. If you know it already please share it with your near and dears. If don’t, just read the steps below.

So let’s learn it:

opinion rewards

  1. Install Google Opinion Rewards app from Play Store. (Don’t worry it is an app by Google, so it will not harm your device anyway)
  2. Open the app, enter the details and complete the registration process.
  3. Now the app will provide you some surveys based on your regular activity and you will be awarded with some money for each survey.
  4. The these reward money can be used to make purchases on Google Play Store.


  • Turn on your GPS
  • Open the Opinion Rewards app-> Hamburger Menu (3 Horizontal bars)-> Settings-> Google Location History, Turn it On.


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