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Google Maps-Navigation made easy

Now a days smartphones are not just a phone but used for various purposes apart from taking phone calls. Maping and naviagation is one of such useful features. When it comes to going somewhere and being guided, Google Maps is the only application which comes in our mind. Google Maps which gives all the direction whatever we want. Now we do not depend on anyone to find our direction. Google maps make every unknown place known to us and we easily find shopping mall, gas station, police station, railway station and what not. We use the maps daily to find something here 5 tips and trick to efficiently use Google Maps. Using this tips and trick your life is lot easier.

Add Label

Now in Google Map if you are search for gym or college or restaurant or any places it provide all the places which is good but not all the time when our only need your gym or college. “Add label” is feature by which you can add label in the places which you want and after that by typing that name only that place will be shown to you. All the label places are shown in “Your Places” which is viewed by swapping left corner of your phone. You can add label to your places by simple following those steps

Step 1: Open Google Maps.

Step 2: Type the name of the place at search bar.

Step 3: Click on the more info at the bottom of the screen .

Step 4: Click on right side dots beside the search option.

Step 5: Select Add label.

Step 6: Enter a appropriate label.

Step 7: Select Add label.


Location Share

It’s very difficult to say some one where you exactly so the location share features of Google Maps come handy on that situation. Location Share is another feature of map but it’s not just a basic location sharing like Whatsup. It’s share your real time location for a set period of time. What they need to do is open the link and its takes them into maps with the icon of your Google account display picture.  Using this feature you can let your family and friend known where you are exactly.


Generally Google Maps logs all the location data. You can saw those data by simple click on the calendar icon and select the date it will shows all the data of that day.

Add Stop

Add Stop is another feature which keeps very useful when you have to pick someone or visit any store on the way to your destination. Now you don’t need to do reroute navigation you can do that by simple Add Stop and type the new location or the location label. You can add as many stop as you want.

3D view

Last but Not the least 3D view is the another cool feature of Google Map. Suppose you don’t know the name of the place but you know what its look like, you can use the 3D view. To open the 3D view all you need to is just swipe up with two finger.


Author: Sounak Roy

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