How do you Change Your Gmail Password? Step-by-Step

Nowadays we create lots of account in social networking site such as Facebook, Tweeter, Instagram, as well as some mail id in the different platform like Yahoo, Rediffmail, Gmail etc. When we create that account we have to create a password for security. It’s sensible, to change your password regularly to secure your inbox and privacy. In this article, we are discussing, how do you change your Gmail password?

Is it’s really important to change your Gmail


The answer to the question is yes because in today’s word cybersecurity is the important factor. Hack your account is now quite popular, so you must try to protect your account from the hackers as much as you can. Gmail has an impressive security and it has protection to protect your account from hackers, after all its Google. Yes, you observe right change Google password and Gmail password both are same.

Changing Gmail password is also important security. Especially in the Gmail account password change is very important, because Google links all the account with your email id like Contact, Google Drive, Google Play Service, Google Photos etc. When you changing your Gmail password remember that the password must be a strong password so that it’s more secure, for that you enter some special character, number, and alphabet also so that it’s quite difficult to break.

Note that when you change Gmail account password the Google Password is also changed. After change Gmail password next time onwards Gmail login password is the new one.

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Gmail password

There are two types in Gmail password one change password another is reset Gmail password. In first case, you have to know what is my Google password is or Gmail password because both are same. In the second case, reset Google password this situation occurs when you don’t know what is my Google password? In this article, we are covering both situations as well as all the methods by which you can do.

How do you Change Your Gmail Password?

You can change the password from your phone application or using your PC. In pc, you have to go  and on the other hand, you just have to open your phone application So now let’s jump into steps for How do you Change Your Gmail Password in PC

How do you Change Your Gmail Password in PC:-

You can change your Gmail password in pc in two ways one is by going your Gmail account in a web browser another is by using Gmail application on your smartphone, so first we discuss by opening your Gmail account. Steps are as follows

Step 1: Open Web browser

Just open a web browser like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge. We recommend you to use Chrome web browser.

Step 2: Login into Gmail

Login into your Gmail account by typing  into your web browser or click here.

Click on “SIGN IN” top right corner of the web browser. Enter your email address and click “NEXT”, after that enters your Gmail password click “Sign in” to login into your Gmail account.

How do you change gmail password

Note if you check on “Stay sign in” checkbox which is bellow “Sign in” button then you always stay login on that particular web browser.

Step 3: Go to Setting

Click the top right corner setting icon and then from the drop-down menu click on “Setting”.

Change gmail password

Step 4:  Account and Import Tab

In setting go to the “Account and Import” tab from there click on “Change password”  that you will find “under change account setting”. A new tab will open if you are using chrome.  New tab well redirect you Google my account


Step 5:  Change Google password

First, enter your old password in the text box and then click “NEXT” then enter your new password make ensure that your password must be safe and it should include some special character, number and text as well.

Google password change

Re-enter the same password after that click “CHANGE PASSWORD” and your password will be changed.

gmail password

Note: Remember that after change Google password you will be signed out from all your devices that are currently login. You have to enter your new password for Gmail account login.

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How do you Change Your Gmail Password using application:-

Now a day’s everyone has the Smartphone they do maximum work on their smartphone. People just avoid using their PC or laptop for some small work like checking Facebook, reading news, as well as checking mail. They check their mail and reply to them using their smartphones Gmail application. Change Gmail password using your smartphone is not much difficult at all you can do so by some simple steps as follows.

Step 1: Gmail Setting

After opening the Gmail application on your smartphone go to “Setting” tab that you will find by clicking the top left corner of your Gmail application. In the side, menu scroll down and you will find the “Setting” click on that.


Step 2: My Account

After completion of Step 1 click on your email id.  After that in Account section, you will find “My Account”  just click on that and your Google Account will be open with various option.


My Account

Step 3: Security

In Google Account go to the”Security” tab. In the Security tab, you will find option “Password” under “Signing in to Google”  just click on “Password”

Gmail password

Step 4: Change Password

First, you have to enter your old password and then click on “NEXT”. After that, you will be prompted to enter your new password and confirm your password

change google password


(whenever you create new password please ensure that password must be 8 characters and it has some alphabet, numbers as well as some special character )

After entering the new password and confirm the password click on”CHANGE PASSWORD” button. After that, your password will be changed.

How do you change your gmail password


Note: Remember that after change Google password you will be signed out from all your devices that are currently login. You have to enter your new password for Gmail account login.

How to reset Gmail password?

The above steps for phone or pc useful when you know your password but in case of frequently changing Gmail password if you can’t remember what is my Gmail password? there is nothing to worry about. You can recover your account by reset Gmail password or we can say that by reset Google password.

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Recover your Google password is easy and advance at the same time you can recover your account in many different ways. Google actually connect everything only with your email id so the recovery process is more advanced

How to recover Google password using PC:-

Step 1: Open chrome web browser and type

Step 2: Enter your email id click on “NEXT” button.

Step 3: After that click on “Forget password”.

forget password



Step 4: Click on “Try another way”.

Step 5:

  • If you have your phone

  1. If Your phone login in same email id, then unlock your phone and click “yes” to confirm

change Google password

  1. If your phone not login with the email id


  1. Click on “Try another way”
  2. After that Google will send verification code click “TEXT” get your verification code into your registered mobile number inbox.
  3. Enter the verification code click “NEXT”.
  • If you don’t have your phone
  1. Click on “Try another way”try another way
  2. Google will send verification code into your supporting email id.send
  3. Enter verification code click “NEXT”

Step 6: After this verification process your sign-in-approved now you can create a new password.

Step 7: after entering new and confirm your password click “CHANGE PASSWORD”



After these 7 steps, your account will recover successfully and note that after these whenever you want to login Gmail login password is the new one.




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