S Pen : How The S Pen Works?

S Pen

Samsung note line up is very famous for the S Pen. It provides amazing features which differentiate note series from others. It makes our life more easy and convenient. S Pen has improved a lot from the previous ones in terms of physical design, quality and feature it provides. But the working principle is from the start till now almost same, so let us have a look-how it works? Here we discuss the mechanism and functionality of S Pen.

S Pen


In the front of the S Pen there is tip that can be replaced and some tips also provided with Note 8 package in case of damage of the original one, you can replace it by yourself. There is two type of materials used for this, one is white plastic which is slit more strong point than a grey rubber type tips. Replacement of the tips is easy enough, pop out the tip then give the little pull to the tip using the removal tool so that the replacement tip come out after that push the new tip till to the end.

S Pen Tips

The whole thing is water-resistant and permanently sealed. On the top of the S Pen there is a click bar which is to be clicked to pop out the tips. The mechanism is very simple here just like other normal click-pen that we normally use for our daily needs. There are two springs and a rotating plastic piece. Remember the S Pen can’t be opened, so if anything breaks and then it stops working the only option is to replace, it can’t be repaired .

How it works?

Before looking the main body let’s take look at the tip. This is the most interesting part of the S Pen, there are coils of wire but no power sources inside the S Pen.

S Pen Inside

So the question arises how it receives power and communicate? These coils are here to receive the power. It is the similar technique just like the wireless charging does not need of direct contact to work, this copper coils on the phone still get charged through an object. Same when we look into the S Pen, even before the S Pen touches the surface of the phone it already receiving inducting power through the coils on the tip and digitizer inside the phone already detects the electromagnetic field in the tip and it is ready for the pen contact.

The main board in the S Pen is covered in a thick rubber coding, this is probably another layer of waterproofing. Under that layer there are some register for 4000 different level of presser detection. That is quit improvement of 2000 level presser detection of Note 5 S Pen.

S Pen mechanisum



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