How to Install Linux OS? | Step-By-Step-2018

install linux mint

Linux Operating System

Getting bored of window OS, and its cons like slow down laptop, crash OS several times, so you must try the Linux Operating System. Install Linux is not a big deal you can install Linux Operating System very easily. Installation of Linux operating system consists of two phase s, the first phase you have to create bootable pen drive which we already discuss that How to Create Bootable Pendrive? The second phase you have to go through the steps that are involving Linux setup.

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The Benefits of Having Linux Operating System:-

  • Linux operating system works perfectly fine even if your computer outdated like less amount of RAM, the old processor then also it works smoothly.  Actually, this OS takes fewer resources as compared to Windows so it handles task pretty smoothly.


  • One of the amazing think about this OS that I realize coming from windows, that is if anyone software is not working, unlike windows it doesn’t slow down other software all other software works perfectly fine by this it minimizes the probability crash of OS.


  • This OS  gives you more authenticity than that of windows, because starting from installing any software to uninstall anything or if you want to change anything it wants to know the password.

Enough of discussion, now let’s directly dive into steps of install Linux on windows. You can install Linux from any versions of windows even if your windows operating system crash you can directly install Linux with the help of bootable USB drive.


How to Get Linux?

The very first thing that comes to your mind is how to get Linux version? Is it free or paid like windows? We are happy to say that you can get Linux operating system download for free from the official website, that is

Before download Linux, you must check system type, and current OS is it x64-based-processor or x32-based-processor. According to that, you have to download the Linux Operating System.

The installation process is very simple you, we will guide you step by step with pictures. When your USB is successfully bootable into Linux, then only you can install Linux from USB. 


Linux OS Installation:

Step 1: Plug-in your Linux bootable USB into the computer.

Step 2: Shut-down your computer.

Step 3: Enter into BIOS setting by pressing the functions key while you turning on your computer and.

Note: every computer or PC have their own function key to entering into the BIOS, It varies from company to company, for HP PC it is f10.     

Step 4: In BIOS go to column system configuration

Step 5: the In the system configuration, you will find Boot option go there.

Step 6:  after that go to Boot legacy and check boot order.

[Use arrow key to change rows and column]

Step 7: Set the USB drive at position 1 to boot from it.

Step 8: Save and exit from BIOS through the help of function keys.

Step 9: Portable Linux open click on install Linux.

After these steps Installation of Linux operating system is started. Now you have to do the Linux Setup process. So let’s quickly jump into the setup process of the Linux


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Linux Setup:

Step 1: Click on “Install Linux Mint.

how to install linux

Step 2: Choose the language “English” click “continue”.

install linux os

Step 3: Connect with the network click “Continue”.

linux installation

Note: it will automatically download every important thing from the Linux server.

Step 4: Chose the option that how you want to Install Linux,

Note: we will suggest you to choose to delete windows and to install Linux mint because by this you will get the ultimate performance from the Linux operating system.

install linux on windows

Step 5: After that, you have to prove your name and create a password then press “continue” to complete the installation process.

Note: select the option “log in automatically” this means when your installation is complete it will open OS no need to provide your password for the first time only, next time onward you have to specify your password to login to the system.

After all the above steps the process Installation of Linux operating system starts running. It takes a while you may leave your computer for a while after completion of the installation process you can enjoy the beautiful yet smooth as well as fully secured Operating System.

This is how you can install Linux on your PC and enjoy the ultimate performance from your computer. But it also has its own certain drawback, like if you want to install any software from the internet you can do so using code, this OS is not much user-friendly compared to windows this is why this OS mainly used by the programmer developer or  by those persons who have some coding skill, because everything you can control in Linux by some specific code written into terminal  This OS is so smooth and reliable you might fall in love with Operating system eventually.

We recommend you to try the Linux Operating System and share your thoughts and opinion with us. If you have any doubt on any steps feel free to ask us in the comment section. In your strong memory do you have any other process Linux OS installation? Other than installing Linux from USB, let us know by drop a valuable comment of yours.

Author: Sounak Roy

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