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bootable usb

Do you want to learn how to make bootable USB or how to make bootable pendrive? This post is a step-by-step guide to make Windows bootable USB but you can use the same procedure to install other operating systems also. All you need to do is adjust the configuration of Rufus appropriately. For example, if you wish to make bootable Linux you need to use the FAT32 file system instead of NTFS. If you want to make bootable Windows ISO to USB just follow this tutorial. You will be able to install Windows from USB very easily.


Importance of replacing Operating System:

Nobody can refuse that computer has become one of the most important devices that we use in our daily life. Be it a student, professional or a businessman he/she must use a personal computer to make their tasks more efficient in terms of both time and accuracy.

bootable usb
Now, when we talk about computers the first thing which comes to our mind is the operating system. All of us use an operating system that best fits our need. Somebody likes Windows, someone may like Linux and it totally depends on the user and uses of that particular PC.


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When do you need to make bootable pendrive?

A few years ago computer was just a sophisticated thing to most of the peoples. Now, because of the increasing enthusiasm in technology, everyone wants to experiment more or less to gain their knowledge as much as possible. As a result, nowadays people are willing to solve most of the problems their self.

Thus, at some point of time, everyone feels the need of replacing or reinstalling the operating system of their PC. A few years ago, if someone had to install an OS, he/she must have bought a DVD of that particular OS.

Today the scenario has changed, you can install almost every OS with the help of a pen drive and the ISO image for that particular OS. Here comes the concept of bootable pen drive, a pen drive which can boot the required OS to install it on the machine.
Now as I discussed the basic concepts of bootable pen drive, lets dive into the tutorial.


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How to make bootable pendrive step by step:

Before you start the process make sure to take a backup of your USB drive. Here are the things you need to make a bootable pen drive:

  • Laptop/Desktop (Obviously)
  • USB Device (The device which you are planning to make bootable)
  • ISO file of the operating system you are planning to install.
  • Rufus (The software tool that makes easy to make bootable pen drive)

Step 1: Download the ISO image file you want to install. Here I am using a Windows 10 ISO image.
Step 2: Download Rufus from here.
Step 3: Double click on the setup file to open Rufus.
Step 4: Select the USB device and load the ISO file.
Step 5: Set the configuration similar to the screenshot below.

how to make bootable pendrive

Note: You may get a warning saying all data the device will be destroyed, click OK here.

windows bootable usb

Step 6: Click on “Start” and wait until you get a message saying “Ready”.

windows iso to usb


Backup & Security:

  1. As you are formatting your pen drive please take a backup if you have any important data in your pen drive.
  2. Don’t use any unofficial ISO files. Always download from reliable websites.
  3. Always read the hardware requirements before you download/install any operating system.
  4. Don’t use pirated copies of any operating system.

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