How to Make Laptop Run Faster | 7 Tricks You Must Try

how to make laptop run faster

Wondering how to make your laptop faster? Or should I say how to make laptop run faster for free?  This is how to speedup laptop Windows 10, Windows 7 and other versions of Windows running machines. We always want to get the best from our gadgets and it is about our personal computer we expect a lot from it. Though it is obvious that machines with a low hardware configuration will lag often, we try to get a smooth performance all the time.

The most common resolution for performance lag is to upgrade the RAM and/or processor the computer. As it costs huge, not affordable for many. In that scenario, you can apply this 7 methods to get the best possible performance from your PC. I will suggest you to apply all of the 7 methods but you can select among them according to the condition of your PC.


How To Make Laptop Run Faster? Try This 7 Tricks


How To Make Laptop Run Faster? Sol1: Scan for viruses and malwares

It doesn’t matter if you are a computer geek or not everyone wants a fast machine. We all know that viruses and malware are the biggest enemies since the early 1900’s. Those threats have the capability of causing several damages to your computer. But do you know?  A threat residing in your computer can slow down the performance of your computer too. Generally, without good anti-virus software, you can’t even detect such type of threats.

how to make laptop faster windows 7

Thus it can give you a headache thinking all the time why your laptop/computer is so slow. So first step of making your laptop fast is to install(if there is none) a good quality antivirus software and scan for threats.  You don’t need to buy a premium antivirus, the free versions will do the job. There are so many free antivirus software, like Avast, Avira, Kaspersky, Microsft Security Essentials, Windows Defender(Installed along with the Windows OS).

Just download any of them and install on your pc. I have personally used the Avast Free Antivirus and it is more than average. When you are done with the installation scan all the partitions of your hard drive and delete the threats it detects.

Now as your PC is free from threats, go ahead with next step to make your laptop run faster.

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How To Make Laptop Run Faster? Sol2: Use Disk Cleanup

Windows by default has the feature to clean up memory spaces that are reserved unnecessarily. You can free up those memory spaces easily. Follow the tutorial below.

Step 1: Open Computer/This PCRight-click on the drive you want to Cleanup and select Properties.

how to make laptop run faster

Step 2: Go to the General tab on the new window.


Step 3: Click on Disk Cleanup

speed up laptop windows 7

Step 4: On the next window select the files you want to delete, there are several options like Downloaded Program Files, Temporary Internet Files, Offline Webpages, Recycle Bin.

make laptop run faster

Step 5: Click “Cleanup system files


All the unnecessary system files will be deleted. Wait, have you deleted the cookies and caches and all other temporary files? No, some temporary files and browser cookie-caches are still there. You can delete them totally using a third party software, i.e. CCleaner.



How To Make Laptop Run Faster? Sol3: Using CCleaner

CCleaner is a well-known junk cleaner. It helps to clear caches and cookies, temporary files, registry files and all the other junks. Apart from that, it has several features to optimize your computer performance. Let’s see how to make laptop run faster optimizing with CCleaner.

Assuming you don’t have installed CCleaner yet,


Step 1: Download CCleaner from here and install it.

Step 2: Open it from the Desktop or Start Menu.

how to make laptop faster windows 10

Step 3: Click on Analyze and wait till it gets completed.

how to make laptop faster

Step 4: Click on Run Cleaner when the analysis is 100% completed.

how to make my laptop faster

Step 5: A pop-up window will open asking your permission to delete the files, Click on OK.

how to make laptop faster using cc cleaner


All the junk files have been cleared, now its time to uninstall the unused/rarely used programs


Step 6: Click on Tools then Uninstall

Step 7: Select the programs you don’t use anymore, and Click the Uninstall button at the right-hand side of your screen.

how to make laptop run faster using cc cleaner


You have uninstalled the unnecessary programs, now if you want to free up more spaces you use the Duplicate finder tool to erase the duplicate files, Registry Cleaner to delete Registry files. But you can skip these tools if you don’t face that much critical memory issues.



How To Make Laptop Run Faster? Sol4: Defragment Your Hard Drive

Defragmentation is another great solution to speed up the performance of your PC. You can defragment your hard drives by following this method. Here I am showing you with one drive, you can apply the similar method for all the drives.

Step 1: Click on This PC/Computer.

how to make laptop faster

Step 2: Right-Click on any drive and select Properties

how to speed up laptop windows 7


Step 3: Go to the Tools tab and

Step 4: Click on Defragment now

how to speed up laptop windows

Step 5: Select the drive and Click on Analyze disk

Step 6: When 100% Analysed, click on Defragment disk

how to make laptop run faster

Wait till its 100% defragmented and you are done. It will surely improve the performance of your PC.



How To Make Laptop Run Faster? Sol5: Prevent Startup programs

When you boot up your PC, various programs get started automatically and runs in the background. As those programs keep running in the background consumes a noticeable portion of the RAM. Think about it, when 3 to 4 such unnecessary programs running in the background obviously you will feel a performance lag. Thus we have to prevent such programs from starting automatically. Follow these steps to disable startup programs.

Step 1: Open Run dialog box by pressing Windows+R

Step 2: Type “msconfig” and press Enter

how to make laptop faster windows 10

Step 3: Go to the Startup tab

how to make laptop run faster

Step 4: Deselect the programs from third-party sources(except the antivirus, as it needs automatic startup and needs to run in the background for safety)

Step 5: Click Apply then OK

make laptop run faster


Great you have disabled the automatic startup of unnecessary programs so those will not run unintentionally in the background anymore.


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How To Make Laptop Run Faster? Sol5: Adjust the performance and appearance balance

Windows provide you the feature to customize the appearance of the whole system so that you can minimize the extra animation effects to get a smooth user experience. You can adjust it 4 ways,

  1. Let’s windows choose what’s best for my computer: Windows will automatically adjust the appearance so that the user doesn’t need to face any lag issues.
  2. Adjust for best appearance: This will set the graphical appearance at its best, may lead to performance issues.
  3. Adjust for best performance: Windows will set the minimal graphical animations and transitions to provide the best possible performance.
  4. Custom: This is customizable by the user; he/she can set the desired visual effects according to need


Follow the steps below to adjust visual effects and make your PC run faster,

Step 1: Go to Computer/This PC.

Step 2: Right-click on the blank space and select Properties.

how to speed up laptop windows 10

Step 3: Click on Performance Information and Tools at the bottom left corner of the screen.

how to make laptop faster

Step 4: Click Adjust visual effects.

how to make your laptop faster

Step 5: Now choose among the 4 options and customize the visual effects to get the best performance.

how to make laptop run faster


If you want the best possible performance and don’t bother about the appearance I will suggest you choose the third option, i.e. Adjust for best performance.

If you want a balanced performance without compromising the performance, choose Lets windows choose what’s best for my computer. This is set by default.



How To Make Laptop Run Faster? Sol3: Ready Boost

Wondering how to make your laptop faster but can’t afford for a RAM? Windows provide a feature namely Ready Boost which allows you to use your External USB flash drive to speed up your PC utilizing the available space on the external device. Roughly you can assume that you are expanding the RAM to get better performance. If you are short on RAM you must try this. Apply Ready Boost by the following method.


Step 1: Insert your External USB flash drive.

Step 2: Go to Computer/This PC.

Step 3: Right-click on the External Drive and select Properties.

how to speed up laptop windows 10 using ready boost

Step 4: Go to the Ready Boost tab

how to make laptop faster windows 10

Step 5: Select Use this device.

Step 5: Provide the amount of space you want to allocate for Ready Boost.

For FAT32 file system you can use 4GB of maximum External USB flash drive and Windows suggest 3655 MB to reserve for Ready Boost for ultimate performance.

how to make laptop faster using ready boost

Step 6: Click Apply then OK.

That’s it; you will notice an improvement in the performance of your PC.


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The methods I have discussed here works perfectly. I have tried all of them and found a significant performance improvement. If you are facing performance issues and can’t afford to buy a RAM/Processor or upgrading to a new machine you must try these methods. You can try all of them or any one-or-two as you wish but if you apply all the 7, you will get a better performance for sure. It may also happen that most of you have already tried some of the tricks, if so you can try the rest. Don’t forget to comment your opinion about the topic and let me know if you face any problem applying this.

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