How to Delete a Gmail Account Permanently | Step By Step | 2019

how to remove gmail account

The reason may be anything that’s not our consult in today’s article I will teach you How to remove Gmail account? but after the process of removing your account its permanent and you can’t access your Gmail account further.

Email-id is very important in today’s generation and Gmail is the most commonly used email service. People often create multiple Gmail accounts for different purposes. Everyone has a smartphone nowadays and to utilize all feature and download several apps from Play Store we need a Gmail/Google account.

Today mail ids are not limited to only send or receive mail but used to store your contact information, your documents, several application data, and the list goes on.

So before you delete Gmail account, you have to think twice, because if you are logged in to other services using the same Gmail address, by removing the Gmail account you might face some trouble.

Before I teach you How to remove Gmail account? You have to know, what are the facts you need to consider before deleting Gmail account. Remember that to remove Gmail from Android or computer is not big deal, but after it is deleted, recovering the same is a quite difficult task.


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Things Need to Consider Before You Delete Gmail


1. Backup Everything:

Backup is very important when you work online or on a PC. So take Backup of everything that is associated with your Gmail account. Google allows you take out all your email associated data from Gmail account using Google Takeout. You can download everything like your document, contact your Gmail account to your computer with some simple steps. The steps are as follows,

Step 1: Open the Chrome web browser.

Step 2: Visit

Step 3: Sign in with your Gmail account which you want to delete.

Step 4: After Signing in, go to Google account by clicking on the initial of your name at the top right corner of your web browser, see the screenshot below.

How to remove Gmail account
                                       Google Account

Step 5: In “Account preference” tab click on “Delete your account or service”.

How to remove Gmail account
                               Delete your account or services

Step 6: Click on “Delete product” so that you will be able to download all your data before you delete Gmail account

How to remove Gmail account
                                                                                       Delete product

Step 7: Enter your password, after that click “NEXT”.

How to remove Gmail account
                                                   Enter Password, Click on NEXT

Step 8: Click on “DOWNLOAD DATA”.

delete Gmail
                                                                                             DOWNLOAD DATA

Step 9: After that, select all products, click “NEXT”.

How to remove Gmail account
Enter Password, Click NEXT

Step 10: To send the download link to the recovery email address click on “CREATE ARCHIVE”

Delete gmail
                                                                                           Tab to CREATE ARCHIVE

Step 11: Go to your recovery Gmail account inbox, open the mail received from Google, click on “Download archive”.

delete gmail
                                                                                                 Download archive

Step 12: Again you will be prompted to enter your password, after entering the password, click on “NEXT”.

Step 13:  After that, to start download click on “DOWNLOAD”.

how do i delete my gmail account
                                                                                             Click to DOWNLOAD

After these steps, your account data will be safely downloaded into your computer. Now you delete your account without fear of losing any information.


2. Change Gmail Address:

Many online accounts need your email for recovery process or to communicate with you. If you delete your account without changing email id you may lose all access to those accounts.  You must change your email id from all shopping sites, social network platform, bank accounts, online wallets that are currently containing the email-id that you are going to delete.

Once you identify the list of accounts linked to Gmail address, change your profile information for each linked account. Make sure you do this before you delete your Gmail account because some accounts use  Gmail address to verify any profile modification.


3. Notify Contacts of Your New Email Address:

Another important thing if you delete your Gmail account your contacts may not able to reach you,  to solve this problem you can send one mail to the people notifying them about your new email address


4. Remove From Recovery Mail:

Before deleting the Gmail address you must remove and change recovery email. So that at the time when you forget your password and want to recover other accounts they should not send the verification mail to that Gmail address.


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After these things, you are ready to delete your account. But after deleting your account what will happen with your Gmail address? What are the consequences? These are the things you must know before deleting Gmail account

  •  No one can send you email into that Gmail address.
  •  No one can create a Gmail account with same email id because Gmail doesn’t recycle Gmail address.
  •  You have to login into your smartphone with new or other Gmail address.


How to Delete a Gmail Account Permanently?

Now let’s talk about how to remove Gmail account? You can delete Gmail account from phone or using a computer for that you need to follow some simple steps. If you are using your phone still you can apply this by the following steps, make sure you open all the sites in desktop mode.

Step 1: Open the Chrome web browser.

Step 2: Login to Gmail account that you want to delete.

Step 3: Go to setting by click setting icon top right corner of Gmail.

delete gmail
                                                                                              Setting icon

Step 4: Click on “Setting”.

Step 5: In the ”Account and Import”  tab go to “Other Google Account Setting”.

how to delete google account
                                                               Account and import – another Google account setting


[Note:  after this, you directly get redirected to Google Account you can go there by above 4 steps we discussed on “Backup everything ‘ part]

Step 6: In “Account preference” tab click on “Delete your account or service”.

how to delete a gmail account permanently 2019
                                   Delete your account or services

Step 7: Click on “Delete Google Account and data”.

how to delete Gmail account?
                                                                             Delete Google Account data

Step 8: Enter your password and click on “NEXT” to sign in to your account.

Step 9: Read all the data carefully by scroll down check right marks both checkbox.

Step 10: Click on “DELETE ACCOUNT”

how do i delete my gmail accoun
                                                                                                 Delete Account


After completion of 10 steps, you will get a confirmation page like this,

                                                                  Confirmation page Account deleted successfully


This thing shows that your account is permanently deleted no one can use it anymore.


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Permanently deleting your Gmail account is serious specially for professionals but sometimes it is necessary. If your account has been hacked or id you are overrun by spam or some other reasons you may wonder how to delete Gmail account? It is not that risky if you keep in mind some of the important facts discussed above.

If you have to close your Gmail account, you can do so by quickly and permanently. Just confirm that you have done all the things that we discuss “Things Need to Consider Before you Delete Gmail Account”  then you good to go the instruction of How to remove Gmail account. If you have any kind of confusion let us know in the comment section.

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