How To Speed Up Your Smart Phone?

Now a day’s phones are not only used for phone calls, those can be used in multiple purposes of our life. We called those Smart phone because it manages all of our daily tasks in a smart way. Smart phone now a days is the most essential equipment for human being.

Speed Up Your Smart Phone

Even everyone has their own personal smart phone. We just can’t imagine our life without smart phone so we don’t want to get it damaged. If our phone perform any task slowler we get angry on it because it is a smart phone and it must be faster, we blame RAM and processor for this but it is not necessary that all the time that the fault is occurred by RAM or processor. Some times we are also responsible for this, so what can we do from our end as the administrator of the phone to make it fast and responsive ?

Memory Management

Memory management is the most essential part of any smart phone. We have to use our phone memory correctly.

  • Clean the Cache memory regularly.
  • Uninstall and disable unused apps.
  • Make sure you have some free space in your phone memory.
  • Always clear your app data.
  • Don’t close the recent apps because when you open one app it loaded into the RAM from the Secondary Memory, if you close it, the portion of RAM occupied by that particular app get cleared; when you again open it then it takes time as it is again to be loaded to the RAM from the Secondary Memory. So it’s a good habit not to close the regular used app from the recent apps.


Battery Maintainance
Battery power is very important in every smart phone devices. You have to maintain your battery for long life time

  • Charge your battery every night
  • Don’t reduce the charge in 15% or less charge battery many time
  • Charging in in a cool room temperature don’t charge it in very hot room temperature
  • Simple
  • Always keep your phone in simple that means
  • Don’t add much into the home screen.
  • Turn off the unnecessary animation effect

Reset and Update

It’s a good practice to reset your device when your phone getting slow, it clears all junk files and give a fresh phone to you

  • Always keep up to date your phone, it improves the performance and if any bug is present it get fixed too.

Author: Sounak Roy

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