How to Use WhatsApp on PC | Step-By-Step

how to use whatsapp on pc

This article is about, how to use WhatsApp on your PC. If you are looking for WhatsApp for laptop, WhatsApp for MAC, WhatsApp for Windows etc, go through the entire article and you will be able to use WhatsApp on your PC be it a Windows, Linux, Mac or any operating system.

WhatsApp opens a whole new way for communications through messages. Whatsapp became quite popular in the last few years. People loved the way it allows sending messages, images, documents and also their current location. Whatsapp comes with a simple interface it is mainly focused on messaging.

Generally its a mobile app but you can use WhatsApp on PC too. Though officially it has the feature called “WhatsApp Web” by which it can be used on your PC, many people want to know, how to install WhatsApp on PC rather than using it on a web browser The answer is you cant install  WhatsApp application/software directly on your PC.  Still wondering how to use WhatsApp on PC? Well, here I have discussed very easy methods by which you can install WhatsApp on your PC with some extra tool.

How to use WhatsApp on PC?

Though WhatsApp is a mobile application you can use it in your pc. If you are looking for WhatsApp for PC you can use any one of the methods below.

  1. Run WhatsApp on BlueStacks.
  2. Using WhatsApp Web.

I have explained both the methods Step-by-Step. These methods are useful when your phone battery going to die, still, you need to send some important messages or chat a while with your near and dears. You can keep on chatting while charging your phone using these methods.

In both the procedures, you must keep your phone(on which you use WhatsApp) with you. There are also some drawbacks to the methods which we will discuss at the end of this article.


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1 ) Run WhatsApp on BlueStacks:

“Run WhatsApp on BlueStack” is a method by which you can use WhatsApp in your laptop with help of BlueStacks. So what is Bluestacks? BlueStacks is software that allows you to use your all mobile applications on your laptop or desktop. In another word, it installs an Android phone on your PC.  As because WhatsApp is a mobile application you can use it in BlueStacks too.

Step 1: Download BlueStacks

Open any web browser like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge. go to Google and search for Blustacks software or simply click here to download Bluestacks.

Step 2: Install BlueStacks

Double click on the downloaded file then run, after that click “Yes” to install BlueStacks. When the BlueStacks gets installed successfully click on COMPLETE”.

whatsapp for pc

whatsapp for laptop

Step 3: Install WhatsApp application

Allow all the permissions and agree with all terms and conditions, then log in with your Google account just as you do in your smartphone. Enter your email id, password, Accept all the terms and conditions and log in. Go to Google Play Store and search for WhatsApp and install it similarly like your smartphone. Or you can use this direct link.

whatsapp download for pc


Step 4:-Login into WhatsApp

The login process is quite similar to the WhatsApp mobile application. After successful installation, click on “Open”,  then you have to click on “AGREE AND CONTINUE” to agree on the terms and condition of WhatsApp.  provide your WhatsApp phone number click on “NEXT”, after that OTP will be sent to your number. confirm your mobile number by providing the OTP(sometimes it detects the OTP automatically).

whatsapp apk for blue stack

Allow all permissions during this process. Type your name, click on “NEXT” 

After these 4 steps, you will be logged into your WhatsApp account from PC(BlueStacks) and you can continue chatting right from PC.

Note:- As soon as you log in your account on BlueStacks, the WhatsApp account on your phone will be logged out.


2 ) Using WhatsApp Web:

WhatsApp Web is an option that brings a whole new way to use the same WhatsApp account into your PC. This approach is provided by WhatsApp though it’s not permanent, it’s temporary because when you shut down your PC and again start after some time, you have to connect your WhatsApp account with PC again. You can use this feature when you don’t have enough battery in your mobile phone you plug-in you’re mobile for charging and still keep using your WhatsApp in your PC or laptop.

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Now let’s see how to use WhatsApp on PC using WhatsApp Web? Well, basically it is an inbuilt feature of WhatsApp application that is used to display the same account in laptop or PC window. So, how to do this? The following steps will guide you to connect your WhatsApp application with your PC.

Step 1: Open Chrome on your PC or laptop.

Step 2: Go to on your web broswer.

whatapp for pc

Step 3: Open WhatsApp on your phone.

Step 4: In the chat tab, click 3 dotted menu at the top right corner of your phone.

Step 5: From the drop-down click on “WhatsApp Web”

How to Run WhatsApp on PC

Step 6: Scan the QR code.

web whatsapp


After these 6 steps, your WhatsApp an account will be mirrored to your PC. You can log out from your web browser or stay logged in but we suggest you to log out. Also, keep in mind that the WhatsApp application must be active and online on your phone as long as you want to use it on PC. You can log out from the web browser or from the phone, we have discussed both methods in this article below.


The steps to log out your WhatsApp account from your phone

Step 1: Open WhatsApp on your phone.

Step 2: In the chat tab, click 3 dotted menu at the top right corner of your phone.

Step 3: From the drop-down click on “WhatsApp Web”.

How to Run WhatsApp on PC


Step 4: Tap on “Log out from all computer”.

whatsapp web


You will be logged out After these 4 steps, again you can log in through the QR code whenever you need.



Now we will discuss how to log out from the web browser.


The steps to log out your WhatsApp account from your PC

Step 1: Click on three dots above the search bar.

can use whatsapp on pc

Step 2: Click on “Log out”.

How to Run WhatsApp on PC?

Now you will be successfully logged out from the WhatsApp Web


We discussed both the methods, How to use WhatsApp on PC. Both methods have its own drawback.

In the first method to Run WhatsApp on BlueStacks,

  • WhatsApp doesn’t allow log in the same account in more than one machine so when you verify and login in blueStacks your phone WhatsApp must be logged out and vice versa.
  • The BlueStacks software is not stable but it is improving itself and the new version is now much stable than before.
  • You need 4GB of RAM to run BlueStacks smoothly

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In the second method, i.e. WhatsApp Web,

  • You must have your phone with you and WhatsApp application must be open.
  • After a long time of uses, it might lose connection in that case once you have to to reconnect it.
  • Sometimes WhatsApp Web does not stay logged in it shows you two options at the time of login, “RETRY” or “LOGOUT”  in that case “LOGOUT” and again log in using QR code

So to conclude, we can say that the second method using WhatsApp Web is a good method by WhatsApp to use WhatsApp on PC. This is a simpler method compared to the first one and you are login into your account from your phone as well as PC at the same time.

Author: Sounak Roy

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