iPhone X: Top 7 Reason Not To Buy iPhone X

7 Bad things about iPhone X

Apple launched 3 iPhones this year. But most awaited smartphone is the iPhone X. Most of the peoples waited for the iPhone X but the thing is, many peoples are really impressed by its design whereas  others are not willing upgrade to iPhone X. We always want the best thing within a budget. The people who don’t like the iPhone 10 or the iPhone X there are many reasons, few of those are discussed below.

iPhone X

Over Prized

The first main reason not to buy an iPhone X is because of the ridiculous over price. iPhone X is available at the price of 89,000, which is too expensive for what it offers. When we compare the feature with its competitors those phones have the same feature at the lower price range.

Fast Charging

From the iPhone 8 it support fast charging and wireless charging. But surprisingly the fast charger not comes with the box. We have to buy it separately it comes with a normal charger. This phone is the flagship phone from Apple and has a lots of features but we don’t expect this kind of market strategy from Apple. Even its competitors offers it in a lower price range.

Wireless Charging

Screen Quality

The major changes from the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 plus is the screen.  Though it’s having the bazels less screen it’s not as bright as compare to Samsung S8 or Note 8 screen. Colours are not that vibrant what we saw in case of Note 8 and S8


Except the screen most of the feature are same with the iPhone 8 plus. Though apple launched their iOS 11 with the iPhone X but the update is also available in iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus. It’s not make sense to put your extra money just to enjoy the new interface of iOS 11. In camera and processor all specs are same as iPhone 8.


Less Storage

Now a day’s phones storage is a big problem because we have to store lots of thing in our smart phone. There is always a disadvantage with the iPhone that it does not support micro SD card. You can’t increase the storage of your phone. Apple’s offer iPhone X with two variant 64 GB and 256 GB.  Considering the price after spending 89,000 you can only get 64 GB variant which is not acceptable.


The design which is a personal chose. Some people really like the new design but on the other hand some people are not satisfied with the design. Lot more better design  phone out there in the market.


In the security department iPhone again fails. Apple now only offers face unlocking, they remove the fingerprint scanner. Fingerprint scanner may have some problem when the your finger is wet. But in case of face unlock its very accurate this acculturation create problem when its comes to twins brother or sister because by using face unlock it can’t identify the difference. It’s very helpful if they don’t eliminate the use of finger print scanner. Face unlock not sufficient for this price segment where as its competitor still offers both.

Screen iPhone


Author: Sounak Roy

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