Metropolitan Police Officer Accused of Relentless Stalking: 770 Messages and Counting

In a harrowing court case, a Metropolitan Police officer, Pc Ben Bunsell of the Central South Command Unit, stands accused of subjecting his ex-girlfriend, Natalie Jundo, to a disturbing campaign of harassment following their breakup. The prosecution alleges that Bunsell, while off-duty, engaged in relentless stalking between June 23 and July 28, 2023, sending a staggering 770 messages and causing significant distress to the victim.

According to prosecutor Jason Seetal, the 40-year-old officer not only inundated Ms. Jundo with a barrage of messages but also appeared uninvited at her residence in the early hours of the morning. The court further heard that Bunsell resorted to persistent phone calls using withheld numbers and sent emails from unknown addresses after being blocked by the victim.

Ms. Jundo, testifying behind a screen for her protection, described the ordeal, stating, “It was really interfering with everything… because either the phone was constantly calling or messages and emails to the point where I couldn’t use my phone.” She expressed the escalating fear as the harassment intensified, shifting from mere frustration to genuine fear.

The relationship between Bunsell and Ms. Jundo began in December 2021 through a Facebook dating website, with several ups and downs leading to their eventual split on June 22. After the breakup, Ms. Jundo took measures, including changing her locks, out of fear that Bunsell might attempt to re-enter her home.

Despite being blocked on various platforms, Bunsell persisted in his attempts to contact Ms. Jundo through emails and calls with unknown or withheld numbers. The prosecution presented evidence of a Ring doorbell recording showing someone walking past Ms. Jundo’s home at 2 am on June 30, believed to be Bunsell.

Ms. Jundo reported the incidents to the police on July 3, leading to Bunsell’s arrest on July 4. However, he was released on bail with a condition not to contact the victim. Despite the bail condition, Ms. Jundo received an email on her birthday from an unknown address, further deepening concerns about her safety.

Bunsell, currently suspended from duty, denies the charge of stalking, asserting that the messages he acknowledges sending do not constitute stalking. As the court proceedings unfold, the case sheds light on the serious issue of abuse of power within the criminal justice system itself, prompting questions about accountability and the measures in place to prevent such misconduct by law enforcement officers.

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