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Operating System: Android VS iOS











Now days if you are planning to buy a smart phone or tablet then there are basically two Operating Systems that you can think of, one is Android OS and another is iOS. Previously Microsoft brought some Smartphone with Windows OS but now practically they doesn’t exist.  After the experiences with Microsoft’s Windows phone OS they realised that the market does not demand Windows Operating System in smart phones much more. Recently Nokia came with some amazing smart phones which run on Android Operating System. Surprisingly both the Android and iOS are good in considering various facts. Android and iOS have their own fan following out there because of their smooth performance. Both OS have their unique feature you have to decide which is perfectly fulfilling your requirement. We will be discussing some of the features that are unique in each OS.




Android is a platform that you can get from lower range to upper range devices with verity devices most of manufacturer use android as their operating system. Android can be affordable by everyone.

On the other hand iOS is operating system that is not affordable for everyone. iOS is very costly Operating System and you can get on only the Apple’s iPhone  devices.

Software Update

Both OS get regular update and adds new features in most of the updates and changes the user interface of the phones.

In case of android they can get the software update but not all the devices can get regular software update.  Google also recently released pixel devices and previously they have their Nexus devices which gets regular software updates.

Apple’s iOS update getting all the devices including their old devices which is a good facility. You always have the updated user experiences.

Voice Control

Apple’s iOS comes with Siri which is a whole new way to interact your phone using voice. Siri comes with bunch of feature. Its offer full control to your phone.

Android also have their Google assistant with higher accuracy but to compare with Siri it does not offer that much. And that’s why Samsung bring their own voice assistant Bixby. Though Samsung phones come with Android OS but From S8 and Note 8 line up Samsung offers Bixby whichoffers same features like Siri.

Over all fit and finish

Overall fit and finish Apple’s iOS looks beautiful. One of the reason of these is they can’t change their interface they provides a wonderful and at the same time fluid user interface to their entire phone.

Android original user interface not that great compare to iOS but some of the brand use combining  their own interface and feature like MIUI and Samsung’s phones which gives us different experiences. Some of the phones manufacturer don’t customise and gives us a raw Android interface like Google,Moto,Lenovo(only few devices).


The operating system offers verity of applications. You can get the application from the Playstore in case of Android and Apple’s Appstore in case of iOS.

Android  gets more application that are missing in iOS’s Appstore. One who come from android may face some difficulties and vice varsa.

Author: Sounak Roy

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