Top 3 Specs. of OPPO Find X You Must Know

oppo find x

Smartphones are getting improved day by day, people’s expectation from their smartphone is increasing, as a result, the brand giving their best to garb buyers. In the year of 2018, the maximum smartphones coming with 18:9 aspect ratio, some phones come with the notch on top. The notch is the trend nowadays which is liked by many people but some people don’t like it at all. What about the trending smartphone OPPO Find X specs? Let’s see.

So Oppo comes up with their new flagship phone Oppo Find X which has some really unique features. In this article, I am going to discuss the top 3 best features of the phone.


1. OPPO FIND X: Design

The design of the phone is the same as other phones like  Samsung, Apple, and I must say with both side glass panel phone looks premium and also at the same time it feels good to hold the phone on hand. So Oppo decides to stick with glass panel and Oppo Find X looks much premium.

oppo find x design

The back glass of the phone looks amazing with purple lines at the border and black color at the middle, Oppo like to call it Bordeaux Red and one other color which is known as Glacier Blue, in this case, blue line at sites and middle part of the phone is black. This good news for those who get tired of using the same color on their smartphones they can enjoy the new colors. The phone looks very clean compared to other phones.

Though front and back both are glass you don’t get fast charging option which is kind of sad for this price range and also Oppo Find X don’t provide waterproof or water resistance the reason you know in further points of the article


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2. OPPO FIND X: Screen

Oppo Find X mobile comes with fully bezel-less screen the screen of the phone is truly bezel-less because front glass contains 99% screen. The screen quality is also superb because their AMOLED panels coolers are punchy viewing angle is good enough outdoor visibility is also good.

The front glass of the phone is the total screen you can”t find a camera or a fingerprint sensor from the front as well as the back at a glance. You might think the elimination of fingerprint sensor is not a big deal but elimination of camera how can anyone think of it in today’s worlds where people love to click their selfie?


3. OPPO FIND X: Camera

The answer to the above question is they actually don’t eliminate Camera. They just put both front and back camera inside the phone which will pop up automatically entire section, when you open camera application or when the phone needs access camera. That’s really is a unique thing, which makes the phone different from all other.

oppo find x
Oppo find X

You surely enjoy it when the camera comes out and it’s the look is going with it doesn’t look odd. The whole integrated things come up and give a complete look at the phone. Oppo also doesn’t compromise on their camera quality the front camera is 24megapixcel which is able to take some amazing selfi and also offer the dual camera at the rear to take some amazing pictures.


How Does it Work? & How Long it Woks?

The mechanism is very simple the camera comes up and after the use, it goes down using a motor. Now, you might think how long the motor will works? Because of this thing open and close for several times, well according to oppo they say that they tested it a lot of time and it will last you for approximate 5 years. Let’s hope for the best.

That’s why you never hope for OppoFind X to be water resistant. Because of the camera open at the time of opening camera application and the rest of the time, it tucks inside the phone the phone looks pretty clean.


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Other Things to Know About Oppo Find X

  • Oppo Find X does not have a fingerprint sensor. In the security, department face unlocks only given by Oppo but I must say face unlock works very fast and accurate at the same time. Its uses 3D face recognition technology which takes less time to register your face and also it works in dark places when you don’t have much light to show your face to the camera.
  • Oppo Find X mobile price in India Rs 59,990 but you can’t get wireless charging, though its support fast charging and fast charger comes out of the box. It also does not have any 3.5mm headphone jack but they will give you a type c to 3.5mm jack converter out of the box. With the camera mechanism, you cant expect it to be water resistant.
  • Oppo Find X launch only 256GB variant in India thong it does not have any memory card slot but the phone storage is more than enough for most of the users. You can get this phone from your hand month of August. It will sales through online sites.
Oppo find X


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Oppo has done a great job and came up with the new idea where everyone creates a notch on the top of the phone. The camera mechanism is the main attraction of the phone and also a serious matter to think of how long it will work? Oppo only launch 256GB variant in India which is sad part because of the price is too high for that they should launch the 128GB variant by which price may drop and many people enjoy the new camera mechanism.

So what you think? What is the thing that you like most about the phone? Let me know by dropping quick comment bellow also share you’re thought about the Oppo Find X.

Author: Sounak Roy

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