What is Phising Site? | How to Identify and Stay Safe

Phising Website

Phising website

Phising website is nothing but replica of a reputed website which pretend to be the original one. Thus the visitor of the website thinks that he/she is on the original website and put his/her genuine information such as E-mail id, user name, password etc. Normally if you put the correct details on an original website it matches the information with its database and if it found a match, accept you as an authorized user. But in case of Phising website the information entered by the user saved into a third party database, i.e. the database made by the hacker to collect user information. Finally when the hacker gets the information like user name, password etc. he/she can easily break into your account (Gmail, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay, Facebook,Paytm etc.) and misuse it.

How to identify a Phising website?

Though the hackers always try to make the Phising page almost same as the original one but we can identify them if we use our brain and surf the web smartly. So, let’s learn.

  • The web address

A web address starts with the protocol either http:// or https://. Normally all the websites that store user accounts in its database consist a SSL certificate and thus the protocol must be https://. You will never find a reputed website like Gmail, Yahoo, Amazon, eBay, Facebook or Paytm which uses the http:// version. So next time whenever you put your user name and password on a website please check whether the web address starts with https://.

  • The company name

Here company name implies the domain name of the website which is part of a web address. A company in most of the cases, when make the website it registers the domain name similar to the company name (like amazon.com). And domain name must be unique around all over the world, i.e. you will never find same domain name in two different organizations. A domain name if already registered, can’t be registered again unless it reaches the deletion period. So what the hackers do is, register a domain name almost similar to the original one (like amazon1.com). Thus by seeing the company name (domain name) you can identify a duplicate or Phising website.

  • Behavior

A Phising site always will force you to enter personal information by showing pop-up dialogs. So whenever you see the pop-up appears again and again even after closing it, double check the website.

  • Fake password

As I said, a genuine website stores the personal information including the user name and password of the user in a database to verify the authenticated users. That is why you can check the website by putting a wrong password. If it is the original website it will definitely generate an password mismatch error otherwise it may proceed.

  • Anti-Phising Software

The best way to stay safe from hackers is installing an Anti-Phising software. If you use PC to surf the internet, you can use Antiviruses as well as Anti-Phising plugins with your browsers. Otherwise if you are on android, you can use different security applications like Kaspersky, Avast etc. This softwares detects the Phising pages and prevent you to proceed with.

That’s all, if you keep in mind the topics discussed above, you will definitely can stay safe from the Phisers.

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