5 Reasons To Buy Xiaomi Redmi 5A

Xiaomi Redmi 5A

Our day starts and ends with a smartphone, the smartphone alarm use to wake up us and at night we check all the social account before going to bed. Many things get sorted with our smartphone whole day and we can’t imagine a single day without a smartphone.

A good smartphone which does all our work is really hard to find out though we find, we can’t afford it because of its price. When we think about budget oriented smartphone then only one brand came to our mind that is Xiaomi.  Xiaomi from the past few years launching amazing smartphones one after another within an affordable price range, recently they launched Redmi 5A which is also a budget-oriented smartphone in the market, which is available for the price around Rs. 4999.

Every phone has their own pros and cons and they made for the different purpose and different people to full fill their needs, no phone is perfect but as a budget-oriented smartphone, this phone offers a lot than its competitors. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should buy this phone.


The first thing that we consider to buy a smartphone that is its performance. Smartphone performance matters a lot because if your phone does not perform smoothly then all the other thing on the phone became worst. Xiaomi Redmi 5A has a smoother performance for simple use with the Snapdragon 425 @1.4Ghz (Quad-core Processor). Though it does not offer Octa-core Processor, with the Quad Core Processor, it easily handles the regular tasks. Snapdragon 425 is a very powerful chipset and considering the price of the phone, it’s the best processor out there in the market that will provide you lag-free experiences.


From the morning to Night we continuously use our smartphone and to finish all the work then we kept out the smartphone in charge. So the phone battery is the second consideration before buying any smartphone So that the phone can at least last for a full day usage on a single charge. Though Redmi 5A having only 3000mAh battery, it is last you a full day of medium usage.  The reason behind is the small 5 inch 720p screen it doesn’t consume that much amount of battery and provide you very good battery life.


The sensor is a small thing but some sensors are very important in any smartphone. Here Xiaomi again since it has all the sensors except the gyroscope sensor, which is not a deal breaker considering the price of the phone.  We do not forget that in Redmi 5A will also offer IR blaster using which you can control your tv ac and other’s thing as a remote.


In today’s world, we have many things to store in our smartphone and storage is always a problem with the previous generation Xiaomi Redmi phone like Note 4,  so Xiaomi added a dedicated SD card slot that means they are noe more compromising on the phone storage. With the SD card, you still have a slot for two sims because the dual sim is nowadays very common everyone carries two sims with them.

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Author: Sounak Roy

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