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Youtube Data Usage at a glance

  • We all know that YouTube is the fastest growing video sharing website. It has a lot of viewers as well uploader or channel creators. Just a few years back sharing/watching a video online was too much complicated but YouTube made it really simple, even we don’t bother about YouTube data usage nowadays. Though the website was very popular, YouTube has gained popularity by leaps and bounds because of its mobile app version. In India it became popular because of two things, cheaper Android smartphones and Reliance Jio’s a data offer.So it was the brief story of YouTube.

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How much data does a Youtube video use ?

  • Every individual who uses Internet, mostly all of them watches YouTube either it is for entertainment, information or just to get rid of boredom. As we do watches videos over there and when we talk about today’s generation every single video is in high definition. If we stream a music video of 4 minutes in 720p resolution, it consumes approximately 50 megabytes of data. So here I will provide you a solution to save data on YouTube, the official YouTube data saver method.

How to save data on Youtube

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  • The task is pretty simple and YouTube itself providing the solution. It is launching an application called “YouTube Go”. It is basically a lite version of the actual app which will help you to save a lot of data when you stream YouTube videos. All the videos that are available in original YouTube app, are available here too. The main difference is, when you play a video on YouTube app it sets the quality automatically according to the internet speed (later you can change the quality though) but on YouTube Go, when you select a video to play, it opens a pop-up saying you to choose the quality among three choices, i.e. Youtube quality settings (High, Low and Medium). The size of the videos are small enough, a video of 4 minutes of High quality will consume around 30 megabytes. This app is capable of downloading the videos too, you can download and watch it whenever you need.

Currently, the app is in beta testing phase, so you must register yourself as a beta tester on YouTube to download it.

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