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S Pen

Samsung’s S Pen

Samsung S Pen

Samsung first introduced the S Pen with their Note series phone in the year of 2011, till now it is  provided only with the Note series phones and the recently launched Note 8 is not an exception. The S Pen is a unique accessory for a smart phone. It’s not just a stylus, its product sensitive productivity tool that unlocks a wide array of software features you won’t see on other mobile devices. Mostly, the main reason to pick galaxy note series over the other smart phones is the S Pen feature.

How to use?

In the previous generation almost every Note series phone comes with slot to put S Pen. You can put your S Pen in a appropriate way, mistakenly if you put it wrong direction it may break. Like previous Note series smart phones, Note 8 also  have a slot but Samsung has modified the slot in such a way that, it can only accept the S Pen in only one direction instead of both direction, so the chance of damage is lessen down. To open your S Pen, first of all you have to press the nub on the bottom right of the Note 8 therefore S Pen pops out, and you are ready to use your S Pen.

The Entire Feature List and Cools Tricks

Live Message

Live message allows expressing your feeling. It is one of the best tools to use this facility. You just remove the S Pen, and tab on the Live Message in air commands. Here you can select between a pencil or a glittering pen. You can also choose your own background color or photo from your gallery.


The translate comes handy when you want to know the meaning of some word by simple select those thing and using this you can translate those into your favorite language like Bengali, Hindi etc. It uses Google Translate feature to translate those thing.


When you are reading a PDF file some time you have to zoom those thing due to the small front size. Here S Pen make your job more easier just by touch it offer up to 300 percent magnification.

Smart Selection

When the words aren’t enough, you can say it with your own animated GIF. It’s comes with a smart select feature by which you can select a special part of your video and share with your friend or on a social media therefore you can edit small video for social media.

Quick Notes

The S Pen is like also a better note taker even the screen is off memo feature let you start writing down and you can write your note as long as you want to write. You can jot down the notes, and save them or even pin it on the always on display as a result, you can view your notes From lock screen and modify them whenever you want.


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