Samsung Bixby Everything You Need To Know

Samsung’s Voice Assistant Bixby

Samsung Bixby

Bixby is Samsung’s own voice assistant that offers a number of interesting features. Samsung provides a dedicated button for this. Bixby will be able to perform everything that normaly you do with an app using touchscreen. It was appeared on S8/S8+  for the first time, after that all the Samsung’s phone includes this feature. After the Google Assistant & Apple’s Siri, Samsung attempt to take on with a AI (Artificial Intelligence) agent that’s going to span Samsung devices. Though they previously have their S Voice but that couldn’t compete with the Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri. Bixby is whole new voice assistant and offers a lot compared to Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri. Here is a brief discussion to know more about it, i.e- How to use and What are the tasks that can be done using Bixby.


How to use?

Start Bixby by simple swiping over the Bixby home and it should take you through the setup process which is pretty simple. There are two ways to summon Bixby. You can say, “Hi Bixby” or you can press and hold the dedicated Bixby button.  Please note that you can summon Bixby into the lock screen but you’ll need to unlock your phone before it performs your request. A small blue circle appears on the left corner of the screen which indicates it is ready to receive your request.


What it actually does?

Bixby is design to let you carry out a full range of interactions rather than a single task like launching an app, Samsung says that Bixby will able to do just everything you do with an app using touch, for example you can ask Bixby about weather, set your alarm, create your own shopping list just by saying it, not only it save those thing but it can also remind you to buy those thing. So it is a complete guide in your pocket. Apart from this, it’s a whole new way of buying and shopping by simple scanning the item through the camera. Bixby is inside your camera, gallery, internet to give you deeper understanding of what you are looking at. Just tap the vision icon in your viewfinder and Bixby will serve up contextual icon: translation, QR code detection, landmark recognition or shopping.


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