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samsung s9

Samsung  Galaxy S9

After the successful S8 and S8 Plus Samsung is ready with it’s next flagship Samsung S9. We are all waiting for the Samsung S9 and too much rumours are already there in the market for S9.  Star is the code name for the project S9 and Star 2 for the S9 plus. Samsung starts manufacturing S9 and S9 Plus three or four months earlier than usual. The reason might be increase focusing on the quality assurance.


What are the improvements?

samsung s9

We all want to know there will be certain improvements  by Samsung to make S9 is better than its predecessor S8. There are no major design changes. Both the phone comes with curve display same as the S8.  Its obviously comes with android Oreo and all feature from S8 like Bixby. The iris scanner is  making better by upgrading their lens from 2MP to 3MP. This will help its iris scanner to scan eyes on very bright or on very poor light condition and also its operate faster than the previous generation. This might have 2GB of RAM more than its smaller brother. Which result smooth performance.  It may also feature dual camera setup on the back like what we saw on the Note 8. Rumour are also says that the camera shut video at 1000fps for supper slow shots.  The fingerprint scanner is may not embedded on the screen Samsung may kept this feature for the Note 9 update. They still kept fingerprint scanner on the back but they place that on different location. Report is also says that it offer 64GB internal storage and still provide a micro SD card slot. The display screen body ratio may be high at 90% which is roughly 6% more than S8 serious. Result of its makes the device screen more compact although the differences is no so huge. Both devices are believe to be power as the same chipset that is unannounced Qualcomm Snapdragon  845 or the Exynos  9810. No official image are there but the images that leaks that looks same design in the front like S8 serious but the back might be changed because the dual camera and new position fingerprint scanner.

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