Samsung Officially Launches Exynos 9810 Chipset

Exynos 9810 Chipset

Samsung, the brand renowned for quality products, is improving their phone day by day. They improving their phone in terms of design, display and performance;  to improve the performance they also upgrade the chipset periodically. They take quality control very seriously and that is why Samsung recently posted a video on YouTube with the title quality assurance and expensive test. This video will show various test Samsung phone must complete before it hit the market. Samsung officially launched its latest flagship chipset the Series 9 Exynos 9810 This is actually response to the Snapdragon 845 chipset which was launched last month. This Exynox 9810 will power the upcoming Samsung flagship phone that is Galaxy S9 & Galaxy S9+.

Exynos 9Performance

The Exynos 9810 is an octa-core processor with four high-performance cores and four energy-efficient cores. The four high-performance cores are third generation custom cores that can be clocked up to 2.9 GHz. All this offer a two-fold increase in single-core performance and 40 percent increase multi-core performance compared to the Exynos 8895.


The Exynos 9810 provide 1.2Gbps LTE modem thanks to its support for 6x carrier aggregation (CA) for 1.2Gbps (Gigabits per second) download link and 200Mbps (Megabits per seconds) uplink.


Graphics performance will be boosted by the latest ARM Mali-G72 GPU promising that 20 percent more performance than the predecessor whilst being more efficient. Video playback supports 10-bit HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) and VP9 codes.

Image & Video

The Exynos 9810 also makes improvements on the imaging as well as video format. The processor feature a dual-ISP supporting up to 4 image sensor such as a dual-camera in the rear along with a camera and an iris sensor in the front. The dual-ISP will provide advanced stabilization for images and video up to UHD resolution, real-time out-of-focus photography in high-resolution and bright picture in low light with less noise and motion blur. It also feature 4K resolution video recording at 120 fps (frame per second).

Author: Sounak Roy

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