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Smartphone Flash

Now a days smartphones are not for phone calls only. Smartphone are more than a phone we can do lot of things. When we are going to buy a smartphone first thing which comes in our mind is the camera. Everyone wants a good camera which support OIS and also take clear picture at night and also  have avery good quality front camera. But one thing that is common in all the camera is the flash, so we ignore this thing. . It’s very important to know about the mechanism of  flash. There are many type of flash and every flash having its unique feature. The flash is the thing which actually affects your photo quality in low light.

At first Nokia phones and some Sony phone were using xenon flashes which wrere much bright than the LED flash. A xenon flash consists of a small glass tube filled xenon gas when very high voltage current of electricity applied the tube emits a very bright but brief flash of white light.


This  also use in cameras it produces a very clear image in fact if there is some dust practical with the help of this flash camera also capture this as a result though the images are clear but it’s not look too good.  Another drawback in phones it can’t use as a torch light because it can’t on continuously it produces light only when it take any picture.

So after the concept of xenon flash smart phone camera is use the single LED flash. In case of single LED flash the light can be continuously on and when the picture is taken it produces maximum brightness.

Apples bring a dual LED flash concept in their iPhone 5s in the year of 2013 and called it True Tone Flash. In True Tone Flash Apple’s using two LED’s one is white another is yellow sheds LED .They are not design to give off more light but to color correct the ambient lights in the room for more accurate flash tone. These two LED light up accurately to produce natural looking image after identify the color temperature

iPhone 5s

Then again Apple’s brings Quad-LED True Tone Flash in iPhone 7. In case of Quad-LED its brings more light and more accuracy with two LED yellow sheds and two LED white sheds. It result more accuracy and more control on color temperature

All the flash are control the color temperature if its more worm of its required then image comes up with yellow sheds and if the color temperature is  more cool then its comes with a blue shed so flash and camera control combination  control color temperature and produces natural image.


Author: Sounak Roy

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