Top 5 Best Features Of OnePlus 5T

OnePlus 5T or a Google Pixel 2

OnePlus 5T features

OnePlus launched two flagship devices in this year first they launched OnePlus 5 after that they launched OnePlus 5T. This year they launch OnePlus 5 in the month of June which was the best OnePlus device yet.  The phone was getting huge success for obvious reasons. But it was not matched with the 2017 all flagships. OnePlus Redesigned and made changes to their previous model and launch with the name of OnePlus 5T. It is basically the new eyes version of OnePlus 5. It comes with lots of features, here the top 5 new features of the brand new OnePlus 5T will be discussed.

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This is definitely the biggest change from OnePlus 5. It’s now providing 6 inch 1080P AMOLED display with the new aspect ratio like other 2017 flagships. So as a result of that the side bezels are slimmer now and the top and button bezels are cut down a lot.  The new screen to body resolution matters a lot looks more modern and it makes the phone almost like a new phone. The display is not quite at the level of highest at the flagship resolution because they want to keep this resolution to give you more battery life and better performance. Though the 1080p screen doesn’t look bad at all it easily visible in the direct sunlight it still gives you bezels while watching video or movie.

The Design

In the design department, its resembles OnePlus 5 a lot but there are a couple of changes. They move the fingerprint sensor on the back because of the edge to edge screen there is no space in the front for the fingerprint sensor.  This is the first OnePlus device with the fingerprint sensor on the back and they place it into the right position. It’s easy to reach and it is quite accurate and extremely fast as well. Another thing that they improve is the good button naturally we don’t so much talk about but it has exceptionally good really click feeling convincing tactile button. They don’t claim officially that OnePlus 5 and OnePlus 5T is water resistant but in some YouTube video, both the phone water test and we saw that it holds up pretty well minor flashing which is a good thing.



OnePlus 5 have the dual camera setup usually what we seen one the dual camera set up one is the main camera another is 2X telephoto lens and that is extremely good the images are coming out great. With the OnePlus 5T they decide to do something little different. They have 16MP main camera as the One Plus 5 and another instead of telephoto lens it’s also a normal range camera with 20MP. Both having same as OnePlus 5 F1.7 lens.  According to OnePlus 5 its turn to be better low light photography and the images in low light comes better than the OnePlus 5. They also said that in low light 5T is automatically switch to the secondary camera and you something called intelligent pixel technology which merges 4pixel into one to reduce noise and gives better quality in low light.

Face Recognition

Face Recognition is superb its 10 times faster than the iPhone X and at the same time is very accurate. If you already looking at your phone and click the power button to just wake up as soon as you hit the power button its unlock no animation nothing you are directly on your home screen. Its crazy fast one of the fastest and at the same time accurate t faces recognition.

The Kept Stuff

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Last but not the least that is they kept a lot of things same in OnePlus 5T. they kept the headphone jack which is a great news for the music lover, and also it still comes with oxygen OS which is same as pure android experience with some extra feature on the top. They still don’t offer wireless charging but they offer dash charging and the most importantly they kept all those things at the same price.

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