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 Addiction of smartphone

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Smartphones nowadays play a vital role in our daily life. From the dawn to midnight we use it for various purposes and the reality is, we are addicted to it. Now the question may arise, why it so? And the answer is pretty simple, all because of the revolutionary features of a smartphone. From sending the “Good Morning” message to set the alarm for the next morning, a smartphone does a lot of tasks for us.

Smartphones make our life easier

If we look back a few years ago, mobile phones were just a device for voice communication, since then the technology behind smartphone is growing rapidly and we are getting more and more utility features. Considering this growth, we can easily think of the future of smartphones. We definitely can expect more advanced features that will make our daily routines easier.


Future smartphone features

  • Foldable display

Who doesn’t like a big screen when it comes to watching a video or surfing a website? A large and quality screen is always an important factor to choose a smartphone or a tablet. But, at the same time, we don’t like to carry bulky devices, we want a device that fits in hand with ease. Only the foldable screen mechanism can be a solution to this dilemma. This is possible by using the Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) technology.

  • Augmented reality

Augmented reality implies the integration of digital/virtual information with user’s real-world environment. One should not get confused with virtual reality in which everything on the screen is virtual. But in case of AR or Augmented reality, the digital information is augmented with the real world environment. Global Positioning System (GPS) is used to facilitate this feature. There is huge possibility that AR technology will be improved in the upcoming years to utilize the most of it and provide a far better user experience.

  • Voice recognition

Voice recognition features are already implemented in the technologies like Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri or Samsung’s Bixby. But there are some limitations and these features are used only for few common tasks like making a call, searching for a text on the web, playing a music track etc. But the future of voice recognition technology is totally different and we can expect that we will be able to perform a bunch of important tasks through voice command as the development is going on rapidly.

  • 3D screen/Holographic Projection

Mobile companies are now moving from 2D to 3D for the smartphone screen. At present, we have a couple of 3D smartphones in the market, but what next? Most probably the next step is Holographic Projection. Holographic projections will mean a combination of 3D future-features-smart-phones/ and projections from the smartphone.

  • In-Built Projector

When a foldable screen is not enough or there is a need for a larger screen the projector does the task. We often use projectors with our PC but what if a projector comes with the mobile phone inbuilt? Samsung Galaxy Beam, released in 2010 was such an example. It features a built-in DLP(Digital Light Projection) WVGA projector that is able to project the screen of a smartphone. So, the upcoming devices may come with a projector inbuilt with better technologies.


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