Best YouTube Video Downloader Method – 2018

youtube video downloader

YouTube is the website comes to our mind very first when we talk about online video streaming. Be it a short film, a rare movie, your favorite video song even a sensational news, everything is ready to serve on YouTube.  YouTube made the videos sharing experience really easy. Nowadays you can upload a video right from your smartphone using the YouTube App. Though we can enjoy YouTube videos any time on our smartphone, we often feel the need for a YouTube video downloader

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We are addicted to the internet these days and it has become a daily need for us. Thus, because of the ease of internet access, YouTube is gaining popularity by leaps and bounds. YouTube provides a monetization platform because of which a lot of peoples are able to convert their interest into money. There is a list of examples where normal peoples became famous, as soon as the videos on their channel go viral. Nowadays it has become a career option for many.

The YouTubers (The channel owners who upload videos) earn when advertisers place ads, which are shown along with the video. Now if you download a video, no ads will be shown thus they will earn nothing even if you watch the complete video. So, it is my humble request to watch YouTube videos either on their official website or the official Android app, then if you really need to download, use a YouTube downloader.


YouTube Video Downloader : 3 Methods

First of all, let me inform you that YouTube is for streaming videos of various types, even YouTube offline feature allows you to save videos offline if you really liked or planned to watch it later. But, please keep in mind that downloading a video from YouTube is not a legal way and a violation of their copyright policy. So, download a YouTube video only if you really need to, i.e. if it is a rare one and you can’t find it anywhere else.  Here I will provide you with some methods that are working very well. So let’s learn!


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Method 1: Download via

This method is one of the oldest methods which is actually very simple and works on most of the smart devices that allow internet access.  Here a question may arise that wheater this YouTube video downloader website is safe or not. Now let me tell you it is more than safe as you don’t need to download or install anything, everything is done on the website itself which is safe as well. So let’s dive into the method,

Step 1: Open and click on the video you want to download.

Step 2: As soon as you land on the page of that particular video, edit the URL a little bit, i.e. replace “https://www” with “ss” and press Enter.

youtube video downloader


Step 3: The website will open, here you can choose the desired resolution of the video.


save youtube

Note: You can not download Full HD videos using this website.


Method 2: Videoder Android YouTube Video Downloader

If you are looking for a YouTube video downloader for Android, this is the best method. Videoder is available for Android as well as Windows/MAC. Well, according to me this is the best YouTube video downloader for an Android device you can ever have. Let me summarise the best features of Videoder APK.

  • Small in size: This is an APK file of size 8.98 (Version 14.1) thus will never be a cause of performance lag.
  • Well Integration: As soon as you install the application, you can use it right from the default YoTube application.
  • Full HD support: Yes! You can download the highest available resolution of the video.
  • MP3: When we listen to a video song on YouTube, we often desire to download the song in MP3 format, well this is also possible in Videoder.  So, it serves as a “ Youtube to MP3 “ tool.


Now moving to the process, i.e. How to  download YouTube videos using Videoder

  • First of all download the Videoder APK file from here
  • Install it.
  • Open the official YouTube app and choose the video you want to download.
  • When the video starts to play, click on the share button.

download videoder apk

  • Click on “Download|Watch

videoder downloadvideoder app

  • Select the file format/resolution and the video will be downloaded.

You can also download online videos right from this app by opening the website on it. Whenever it finds a media file on a webpage, a download symbol will appear at the bottom of the screen.


Method 3: Ummy Video Downloader ( 4K Video Downloader )

This is another software to download various resolution of a YouTube video including 4K, Full HD, and MP3. The process of using this software is pretty simple, all you need do is paste the youtube video link on the text box and choose the file format and resolution and click on “Download”.

download youtube mp3


youtube video downloader

This is available for Windows platform only.



These are the easiest and most widely used method of downloading YouTube videos. All of the methods working perfectly. Every method has its own best feature; for instance, if you want to download 4K/Full HD YouTube video, Ummy YouTube video downloader is best, if want to download YouTube video on an Android device, Videoder is best, if you want to download YouTube videos on the browser itself then is there and if you want YouTube MP3 downloader then you can choose between Ummy and Videoder.  Finally, I request you, please download videos for your own needs, don’t share it publically, don’t re-upload it and don’t use the videos for commercial purposes.

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