The Criminal Justice System 

Introduction The criminal justice system refers to the set of institutions and practices established by governments to maintain law and order, deter crime, and administer justice. It is responsible for investigating, prosecuting, and punishing individuals who have been accused of committing crimes. This article offers an in-depth explanation of the criminal justice system, its key … Read more

 The Justification For Punishment

Introduction  The concept of punishment in the context of the criminal justice system is deeply rooted in philosophical and ethical principles. It serves several important purposes, and its justification is central to the functioning of any society. In this article, we examine the key justifications for punishment and their significance within the framework of criminal … Read more

Causes of white collar crime

Introduction  White-collar crime refers to non-violent, financially motivated offenses committed by individuals or organizations in professional or business settings. Unlike traditional crimes, such as theft or assault, white-collar crimes typically involve deceit, fraud, or manipulation for personal or corporate gain. In this article, we’ll examine white-collar crimes, exploring their various causes and developing working prevention … Read more

General Strain Theory Explanation of Delinquency and Crime

Introduction  General Strain Theory is a widely recognized explanation of delinquency and criminality that focuses on the role of strain or stress in the lives of individuals. Developed by sociologist Robert Agnew who advanced on Merton’s theory of anomie, GST suggests that individuals engage in delinquent or criminal behavior as a response to the strain … Read more